Mark Richt's Son Drops 'Dawg Bite' Georgia Anthem, Bulldogs No Longer Terrifying

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterApril 16, 2013

This "Dawg Bite" is indeed painful. 

I would encourage anyone listening to the new Georgia Bulldogs anthem to seek immediate inoculation from said bite, but I fear nothing will help. 

SB Nation spotted this music video, brought to you crazy college football fans by coach Mark Richt's son, David, and featuring country music's Colt Ford.

We have to agree with them that this is one step away from imploring the Baha Men to ponder once again who let those damn dogs out. 

Before we join in on the internet ruckus over this awful anthem, let's say the young man tried his best and should be commended for delivering what is essentially a giant cuddle session for his favorite football program. 

With that being said, 

It's as if Kids Incorporated got the band together to deliver an auto-tuned nightmare that should have every last one of you checking your sugar levels at the moment. 

Lyrics like these are bound to strike fear in the hearts and minds of every last program that is unfortunate enough to find the Bulldogs on the schedule next season. 

This town is crazy; rocking the stadium
It's game day baby. Dawgs are taking them down. 

Also, I love the revolutionary new spelling of Dawgs, "D-A-Double-G-S."

Not that this is an isolated incident. USA Today reminds us of this fan-created music video featured below. 

You are creating quite the legacy Georgia, and we are very much appreciative. While the song warns, "This is a winner's town. Nothing can stop us now," I have to think the Mark Richt dance may do some damage in hindering future success. 

This might be the moment that you ask Georgia to refrain from creating any further anthems but don't.

Keep these anthems coming, and we will sit back and take every delicious morsel in, because the world is a far better place with fresh beats and lyrical mastery like the ones featured above. 

I just wouldn't show this to potential recruits. 

Hit me up on Twitter and we can have that dawg bite looked at.