Young Hoosiers Fan Cries After Hearing Cody Zeller Is Leaving for the NBA

Dan CarsonTrending Lead WriterApril 16, 2013

It's OK, little man. This is just something Cody has to do.

We all have to deal with changes as we grow up, many of them coming earlier than we'd like. For this young Hoosier fan, facing the 2013-14 college basketball season without star center Cody Zeller is a task too tall and a change too much. 

After finding out his favorite player had declared for the 2013 NBA draft, this young IU fan couldn't bear to breaks the news to mom and dad—the news that big No. 40 would be leaving Indiana University.

Zeller, a sophomore preseason All-American and Wooden Award candidate for the Hoosiers, announced his intention to leave Indiana University for the NBA last Wednesday, forgoing his two remaining years of eligibility.

Clearly, Zeller’s decision to leave saddened plenty of IU fans who—just like this little guy here—hoped to see one more year of The Big Handsome wearing the cream and crimson. Hoosier fans truly hold a special place in their hearts for the tall, soft-spoken young man whose talent on the floor brought national recognition and swagger back to their beloved hoops program. 

Yes, they even have the “Big Handsome Anthem” in B-Town, but unfortunately for the Handsome heads, Zeller is moving on to join his older brothers Luke and Tyler in the NBA. 

Zeller is one of two Hoosiers who have declared for the 2013 NBA draft. He will be taking the step to the next level alongside IU swingman Victor Oladipo, who announced his plans to leave for the NBA last Tuesday—a day before Zeller’s announcement. 

It’s a one-two punch for Hoosier fans—especially our teary little friend here who hasn’t had much reason to know what the NBA is until now—but this is what comes with being a contender again.

Get ready to become very acquainted with the NBA, young man. Judging by the shift in the recruiting winds at IU, Zeller and Oladipo won’t be the last Hoosiers you’ll see lacing up to play four quarters on the hardwood.

I hope Zeller doesn't get a Metta World Elbow to the eye: Dr__Carson