Vince McMahon is to Blame for the Steroids

ryan underwoodContributor IApril 22, 2009

This is my response to a recent article stating the media blame Vince McMahon, that he is a scapegoat. I will justify exactly why I think Vince McMahon is solely to blame for this..

Wrestling when it started when we had the NWA and other federations by states, had never big guys, the emphasis was much different, it was about, mat wrestling, you had wrestlers like the von erichs, etc.

Wrestling in those days was not about the Tv audience, it was about live regional shows, people came to watch wrestling, as it was like something to do, times were not that good, and Tv was not as huge as it was now..

Than came the wwf, headed by vince j mcmahon who gained leverage by the problems that existed, he saw a vision, and he went about establishing one wrestling promotion that would capture regional audience through TV.

And than came in Vincent K mcmahon who along with Hulk Hogan put wwf  on the global map of entertainment brands.

Hulk Hogan was huge, and its an accepted fact that he was taking steroids at that point, anway it wasnt a big thing at that time, you had bodybuilders taking it openly, the medical implications were not known.. And that is the trend that set how wrestling would be..

So now except for wcw and other minor federations, you had something like the microsoft of wrestling, wwf, that was the major league, and the owner vince j mcmahon who always wanted to be a wrestler, even though he couldnt do that, he did the next big thing, he bought it.

Success was now about hulk hogans, ultimate warriors, it was now something different, you had these hugely muscled guys, that was the key to success, you can challenge me, but I am sure, the reason why fans like me watched wrestling and why people entered wrestling was this bigger than life heroes with muscles, doing impossible things, that was the key to success.

Ever since the hulk hogan, vince mc mahon had only idea of the top dog wrestler, the the bigger the better, that was how he thought, that is exactly the reason wwf became so big.. it was that image.

So now imagine this scenario, everyone who enters now a fan like me of the vince mcmahon hulk hogan era..the steroid whats the result, any natural athelete who wants to achieve big time in wrestling, cannot why they dont look big and there is no other alternative other than wwe.

So what do you get rampant steroid usage. Do you think for a second chris benoit would become the wwe champion without that size...he would have been thought twice for the cruiseweight champoinship.

Do you think test-andrew martin would have got the push that he had got, without the size. no chance..

If you dont believe me, take a look at wwe right now, you have triple H, who is an avid bodybuilder, but you cant get that kind of size, without you know right, take a look at pictures of him before, batista, randy orton, john cena Vince mcmahon still thinks thats the key to success and for all thats worth, yes I am watching and so are you.

But that perhaps makes you say, we are also to blame and thats where i say, vince mcmahon if he wants to can invest in better storylines, better character building, and create a product that can be much better than the stale product wwe is..but he will not do it.

The reason being wwe exists, the reason why it is No. 1 on sports entertainment, why it becamse the success it has, its the larger than life people who fill up every inch of the camera.

Sure there are atheletes taking steroids in baseball, in atheletics, but they have a choice, they can make it to the top without it cause its legitimate and secondly most importantly there are many teams, and people have succeded without it. in wrestling no you cant.

So I challenge you to this thought, if you were the biggest fan, and you decided pro-wrestling was going to be your career, you trained hard, you became really good, but the only major league was wwe.

now you have reached wwe, but you cant make it cause you are not as big as the owner of wwe, you trained in the gym, you got the mic skills, the charisma, but not the size, I ask you the question now, what would you do, would you make the right choice, and be a failure??