My Five Dream Matches

Jared Farver@Farver24Correspondent IApril 22, 2009

Every wrestling fan has dream matches they wish they could see and dream of at night.

Some fans simply wish they could see two huge icons from two different generations step into the ring.

Others wish for a great technical match between two great technical wrestlers.

My top five is a combination of the two.

These are not in any specific order because I would love to see all of these matches.

1. "Stone Cold" Steve Austin vs. Hulk Hogan

Wrestling's two biggest icons of all time. When you think of dream matches, this one comes to the mind of almost every wrestling fan.

The match wouldn't be a great technical match but it would definitely be one of the greatest matches ever because it involves these two Hall of Famers.

Although this match would have more hype than any other match in the history of wrestling it would live up to its expectation.

Stone Cold would pull off a victory over Hulk Hogan and the millions of Hulkamaniacs.

2. The Rock vs. John Cena

Both are as charismatic as they come.

This match could still happen. Many people and experts believe and predict it will happen but I do not believe it will.

Hate him or love him John Cena would make this match very fun and interesting. The Rock would also deliver, as he always does, a great performance and many hilarious promos.

Both superstars would argue they are the better actor so this match would also have some extra incentive.

If these two were to clash I believe one of them would have to be a heel because two big baby faces would make it really boring.

It would be a nice surprise to see one or the other play the role as a heel because both do quite well at it. I believe John Cena is even better at being a heel than being a baby face.

The Rock would get his hand raised after beating John Cena and the Chain Gang (do you 10-year-olds still like that name and being called that?).

3. Shelton Benjamin vs. Bret Hart

I believe Shelton Benjamin is the most athletic wrestler today.

Bret Hart is considered by many as the best in-ring technician ever to step foot in the ring and he believes it.

Both have amateur wrestling backgrounds ,as well as, being great at almost any match type. Shelton Benjamin and Bret Hart can put on a classic match almost every night and they seem to do it with ease.

Bret Hart has been known to bring out the best in all of his opponents. I believe the sky is the limit for Shelton Benjamin. A match with the "Excellence of Execution" would definitely bring out Shelton's best.

With all of this said, this adds up to a heck of a match!

Bret "The Hitman" Hart would win after an exhausting match between the two great wrestlers.

4. Kurt Angle vs. Bret Hart

Kurt Angle also has an amateur wrestling background. He is a great in-ring performer, as well as, being great on the mic and generating fan's attention.

As I said earlier, Bret Hart brings out the best in his opponents and Kurt Angle's best may be better than almost anyone else's best.

Both have dozens of classic matches already so this one would presumably be just another classic for the two great wrestlers.

This could be one of the greatest matches ever. If these two would display their talent in a Submission match then it would without a doubt be an instant classic.

I would really enjoy watching these two try to the make the other tap and fight to get out of a submission hold.

I think Kurt Angle would win but this one would really be a toss up.

5. Big Show vs. Andre the Giant

Two seven foot giants battling it out for the role of best big man ever to wrestle.

I think this would be a great match... if the ring could hold these two giants.

Finally both would have a competitor to pick on their own size.

Big Show has and always will be compared to Andre the Giant. He was brought into WCW as the "son" of Andre. This would be his chance to step out of the huge shadow casted by Andre the Giant.

Big Show should be hyped up as an unstoppable force along with Andre the Giant. If this would happen then it would make their match even better.

After a long-fought battle between these two 400+ pounders Big Show would get the three count.

I believe all of these matches would live up to the expectations. I think all of these matches would be absolutely wonderful to watch.

If only we could travel through time. . .


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