Dolph Ziggler Talks About Overtaking John Cena and Having Rock Headline WWE

Bill AtkinsonAnalyst IApril 15, 2013

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New World Heavyweight champion Dolph Ziggler admits he is not a big John Cena fan, but he admires what Cena has done to promote WWE and being the go-to guy for charity work.

In an interview with New Rock 93.3 FM’s morning show in Greenville, SC (and reported by, Ziggler is asked point-blank if all male wrestling fans over the age of 16 hate the WWE champion:

It depends. What he represents for our company is awesome. He is our franchise guy. He's the go to guy. He's never not delivered with something. He connects with the crowd. He's a great guy to have as the face of the company, for now.

When Ziggler is asked if he hates Cena, he answers in character, “Yep. Question No. 2.”

As the new World champ, Ziggler says in the radio interview he expects to one day replace Cena as WWE’s top guy. He adds that it will not be a quick transition, but “over the next couple weeks and months we're going to make some great strides.”

Ziggler also was asked in the interview about The Rock being in WWE on a part-time basis. He says he understands that it is “good business” and a “special attraction” to have someone with Rock’s stature in the fold, but he admits he is angry that full-time Superstars such as him are not able to get that spotlight:

Angrier than you can even imagine because I want to be in that spot. I want a full-time guy to be there every single night doing what we do best, giving back to our fans. Live events, pay-per-views, Monday Night Raw, Friday Night SmackDown, name it and we do it every single night.

In the interview, Ziggler was asked if he was a Ric Flair fan growing up, since his blond hair and in-ring actions often conjure up images of the Nature Boy in his prime. He recalls his uncle showing him old tapes of Flair and thinking to himself, “This guy looks cool. He's like a James Bond guy in a suit, girls around him, goes out there, and has the best match. Right back in the helicopter.”

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