Eric Fisher Scouting Report: NFL Outlook for Central Michigan OT

Eric Stoner@@ECStonerContributor IApril 15, 2013

Eric Fisher

Kansas City Chiefs

First Round: First Pick

An excellent tackle prospect who is starting to emerge into the football public's consciousness, Eric Fisher has all the tools to compete to be the first offensive lineman selected in the NFL Draft. He was one of the breakout performers at the Senior Bowl and possesses an elite combination of length, athleticism, and flexibility. He needs to work on getting his hands inside of his target in order to sustain blocks, but he's as NFL ready as an offensive tackle prospect gets.



+ Hip and back flexibility

+ Light feet and athleticism

+ Length to mirror and recover easily

- Very inconsistent hand placement

- Thin frame, needs to continue adding weight





Arm Length

40 Time


304 pounds



The most impressive part of Fisher’s game is the flexibility he exhibits in his back and hips. Despite being a tall, long-limbed offensive tackle, Fisher’s ability to bend his knees, get low, and roll his hips through contact allow him to play with great leverage. He gets underneath smaller defensive players and roots them out easily.



Three-year starter who was selected team captain as a senior.


Traditional, dropback offense that asked him to make deep and quick pass sets from a three point stance.

Pass Blocking

Doesn’t have lightning fast feet, but is a plus athlete with smooth, easy kickstep. Plays from a comfortable base and changes direction quickly. Length allows him to cover large areas of ground if need be, but he is generally disciplined about not over-setting outside and giving up inside rush lane. Asked to deep set and quick set from both two and three-point stances, and is very successful doing both. Diagnoses linebacker blitzes and defensive line stunts well, passing off and picking up the correct defenders. Hip flexibility to sit in the chair and arch his back allows him to anchor against undersized speed-to-power rushers.

Run Blocking

Can be downright dominating when he gets his hands on the inside of his target. When he does, he completely controls his opponent. When he doesn’t, he struggles to sustain his block, even if he wins the initial surge and pad level battle. Prone to ball-watching once his man disengages. Appears to have good upper body strength and has shown that he can control his man with one arm if he gets full extension, but his late punch and inconsistent hand placement too often negate this.

Blocking In Space

Excellent at pulling, tracking, and leading on second level defenders and shows the ability to adjust to moving targets. Size allows him to swallow up smaller linebackers. Struggles sustaining blocks once contact is made due to poor hand and head placement in relation to his target.

Hand Fighting

Fisher’s most inconsistent area. Keeps his hands by his waist for too long off the snap, leaving his chest vulnerable and not allowing him to get inside on a defender and maintain control through contact. When Fisher does fight for inside hand placement, however, is capable of completely overwhelming his opponent in both the run and pass game.


Length and comfortable base allow him to move comfortable and quickly in any direction. Will get beat inside on occasion (once again, due to hand placement), but shows the foot quickness to power-step and seal the inside rush lane off. Hip flexibility allows him the ability to get underneath the bulrush and re-anchor.


Hip flexibility makes him incredibly sound. Bends at the knees, fires of low, and rolls his hips through contact consistently. As stated many times, his main concern is landing inside hand placement by striking sooner.

Future Role/Versatility

Projects to left tackle in any offensive system imaginable. Can play in an up-tempo offense with lots of quick-setting from a two-point stance and zone blocking in the run game, or a downblock-heavy, play action/deep-drop offense.  

Draft Projection: Top 11


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