Jesse Williams: Video Highlight of Former Alabama Defensive Tackle

Chad Minton@@chad_mintonCorrespondent IApril 25, 2013

Jesse Williams: Video Highlight of Former Alabama Defensive Tackle

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    Jesse Williams has all the tools to be a great defensive tackle in the NFL, and he was a big reason why Alabama continued to have one of the most feared defenses in all of college football last season.

    Williams, who was a JUCO transfer to Alabama, is a guy who relies on his amazing strength to get into the backfield and cause a lot of havoc for the opponent.

    Here are some of Williams' highlight plays while playing for Alabama's top-notch defense. 

October 2012 at Tennessee

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    Most people know how hard it is to wrap up Tennessee’s Cordarrelle Patterson, but Williams does a superb job of doing just that in this clip.

    What really stood out about this play was Williams not giving up on the play to make the tackle for no gain. If he misses that tackle, then Patterson could have gone for a big gain.

    He really shows off his motor on this play against archrival Tennessee.

November 2011 vs. LSU

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    Williams makes a great play to alter the throw for the LSU quarterback in this clip.

    You can’t always make it to the quarterback, but having the mindset to get your hands up to bat down a throw is a strong tool to have. Making life difficult for the quarterback is something Williams does a good job of here.

    The overthrown ball could have easily led to an interception here, but a incompletion was still pretty effective.

    Teams want guys like this who can surge the pocket on the defensive line.

November 2011 vs. LSU

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    Here’s another play from that same defensive-minded battle against LSU where Williams refuses give up on making the stop. He initially gets knocked to the ground but has the motor to still make the tackle and keep the gain to a minimum.

    That was a big part of this particular game that kept LSU out of the end zone, and Williams played a major role in that. You also get a good look into his strength on the replay when he pulls back the LSU rusher.

November 2012 vs. Auburn

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    One of Williams’ biggest strengths is his relentless motor, and he shows that on this play against Auburn this past season.

    He gets blocked initially, but sticks with the play to keep the quarterback from scrambling too far.

    In today’s NFL, more and more quarterbacks are starting to beat you with their legs. Having a guy like Williams who keeps pushing to make the play is a major plus. 

October 2012 vs. Mississippi State

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    This particular highlight may not be flashy, but it’s still a very effective play that shows off why Williams is such a highly regarded defensive tackle prospect.

    He forces quarterback Tyler Russell to get out of the pocket and rush into his throw. Essentially he forces the play to prematurely develop, which throws the timing off with the receiver.

    Defensive tackles who can rush quarterback into making bad decisions are so valuable, and Williams appears to be one of those guys with plays like this.

October 2012 at Tennessee

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    Finally, this highlight shows how great Williams is in plugging holes against the rush. He gives absolutely no running lane to the running back for Tennessee.

    His initial hit gives the rest of the defense enough time to bottle up the play. This clip highlights one of his biggest strengths, which is to read the backfield and plug up the lanes.

    Tennessee virtually had no chance on offense in this game thanks in large part to how solid Williams was in bottling up the rush.