College Football Fan Bases That Need To Hush Up

Sean CallahanCorrespondent IApril 22, 2009

Oakland Raiders coach Lane Kiffin at the  NFL  - 2007 Annual Meetings - AFC Coach Breakfast at Arizona Biltmore, on March 27, 2007.  (Photo by Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images)

It's the most boring time of the year for college football fans. Spring games are now about over and we have to now wait five months to see our teams on the field again.

So what else is there to do but greatly overestimate just how good our teams will be?

I've been reading tons of boards, articles, and predictions for many teams and have decided its time that some of the fan bases get themselves back down to reality. So here it goes. Please note this is only for college football teams.

1. Notre Dame 

How many times are we going to hear you are back? Really, a win over a pathetically bad Hawaii team who most BCS teams could beat with their third string players? This win impresses no one except for this incredibly delusional fan base. Sure your history is great, but you suck right now. Your team has been over rated since Holtz left and it has been shown in the bowls.

It was about time you went to a bowl you actually deserved to be in. You are not back in power and your team is still the same team who needed more then 36 minutes to get a first down on USC.

2. Alabama 

Great season...seriously, no one saw that coming. Let's get something out there though; Saban is NOT God. He is a very good coach, but please stop talking about him as though he is the second coming of Bear. He is not.

Did you already forget his loss to UL Monroe? Let's remember he also failed to get his team up for a Sugar Bowl appearance and got embarrassed. Great coach, but not the best and is not Bear or God.

3. Florida

I am a gators fan...and we need to shut up too. Stop comparing Tebow to the Jim Browns and O.J. Simpsons of college football PLEASE. Yes he has an awards list that is a mile long, but he has a year to go, and a year to fail.

Let us wait till next year before WE proclaim him God. He is great, but please stop making us look delusional because people hate our cockiness enough already.

4. Miami 

Every time I argue with Miami fans I hear about their great history...What makes you so historical? You had a decade of dominance, no argument...but that DOES NOT put you up there with OU, USC, Notre Dame, Michigan etc. Your history is recent just like the rest of Florida teams, so please shut up with history already, because the '80s was not that long ago.

5. Utah 

Great win over Alabama. You showed your worth in one game...but that was the only game. The only people impressed by BYU and TCU wins are fan bases who's teams also play in a crappy BCS conferences like the Big Ten and Big East.

Anyone can show up in one game, especially when you play a team who doesn't really care cause they were 10 minutes away from an unbeaten conference season and a national title apperance. You are not Florida, USC, or Texas.

"Oh, but we beat Bama by more then UF did." You also only beat Michigan by two, so I guess the other seven teams who beat Michigan are better then you by the common opponents theory so you are a bottom tier Big Ten team.

6. Tennessee 

This is to the fans who think you are now an SEC power again. I'll make it short and sweet...come back when you can beat Wyoming at home.

7. FSU 

You are not the same FSU, so please stop thinking you are. Failed recruiting and bad coaching has made you a decent team at best. The last time you had a 10 win season was in 2003, so please stop thinking you are one year away every year.

I know how much Bowden has done at FSU and he is truly one of the best in history, but now he is a figurehead and is holding the team back. You are not at the level of the top tier teams anymore. It is time to face the facts.

8. Big East

This is to the whole conference. Your conference is barely deserving of the BCS bid. West Virginia is a great team and could survive in any conference, but that is IT. The Big East obviously only cares about basketball or they wouldn't have let Miami, Vtech, and Boston College leave. You're not a top tier conference, I'd say the MWC could probably make a better claim.

9. Big Ten 

Once again, to the whole conference. You guys are no longer the dominate conference you seem to think you are. You have one team who can compete with the national powers, and even they get blown out when they play the big boys( yes I'm talking to you OSU).

We all know how great the history is, but history is just a shield to hide behind when you have nothing to say about the present.

10. SEC 

Third conference who seems to need a reality check. I personally do believe the SEC is the best conference because of recruiting and coaching, but let's not get it twisted. Every conference has its run, and the SEC will eventually let's stop the chest pumping please because when we fall; the people who aren't constantly pumping their chest will have to take the abuse as well as team SEC. does the whole SEC get credit for the  titles won by Tenn, UF, LSU, and Auburn (split).

There are obviously a lot more people who probably need to hush, but this is all I felt like addressing currently. Please feel free to add more or correct me on my idiotic view points :).


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