CM Punk Needs to Walk Out of WWE Tonight and Let The Shield Take Over

Justin LaBarFeatured ColumnistApril 15, 2013

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The best in the world needs to step away and take a break.

A heel, Dolph Ziggler, is the new World Heavyweight Champion. A heel, Fandango, is setting the wrestling world and UK music charts on fire. A heel, Brock Lesnar, is advertised and expected to be at Extreme Rules. A heel group in The Shield is still interesting. The most talented heel in WWE, CM Punk, needs to heal.

CM Punk has worked a demanding schedule for the last two years. Much of it he did as the WWE Champion, which only intensifies the work load both in and out the ring. Tonight on Raw needs to be an exit for him off television—at least until the night after Extreme Rules in mid-May.

There is enough going on with other heels that can buy time for Punk to get some weeks off television and the road. This is not only valuable to rest his body, but also his mind. Punk isn't cut from the WWE mold. He won't smile and be happy just because you tell him to. If a fan, creative writer or other wrestler makes him mad, he's going to address it.

He just finished a crazy two years which ended with him delivering the best match at WrestleMania with the greatest attraction WrestleMania has. He did it all while he and The Undertaker both aren't 100 percent healthy. All of this combined equals a routine of little sleep, which can be seen by the bags under Punk's eyes every Monday.

WWE should let The Shield represent Punk for the time while he is gone. Since The Shield debuted, they have been associated with CM Punk. They helped him win several key matches and Paul Heyman was even caught on camera saying how he's paid The Shield to get jobs done.

Let Punk do the heel shtick on Raw. He explains how he may have lost to The Undertaker, but he came closer at breaking him emotionally and beating the streak than any of the other 20 prior WrestleMania matches. He rants on how great he's done and people don't appreciate him. Out comes Daniel Bryan and Kane. Bryan talks about knowing Punk for years and what happened to being a fighting competitor who doesn't make excuses.

Punk tells Bryan this is exactly what he's talking about: People not appreciating him. Punk says he's leaving and does. Just as he leaves, The Shield attacks Bryan and Kane.

In February and March, The Shield began to fall back with their WrestleMania feud against Randy Orton, Sheamus and Big Show. Three names whom WWE had nothing else for, but couldn't allow not to be on WrestleMania's card for one reason or another. It was a random feud, but, again, The Shield came out looking strong.

The Shield was put in a spot or segment in the 15-segment show of Raw that normally would go to Punk.  Amp up the speculation once again of what the relationship is between The Shield and CM Punk.

Keep the momentum going with The Shield, and keep the sanity of CM Punk.