The Most Spectacular Par Three in All of Golf: Win a Million Dollars

Walter DavidCorrespondent IApril 22, 2009

The most spectacular par three golf hole in all the world is located in South Africa. Get a hole in one and win $1 million.


The Legend and Safari Resort 19 hole golf course was designed by 18 different professional golfers including Padraig Harrington and VJ Singh. You’re bound to see a lion or two during your round of golf.


Beautiful landscape and wildlife are all part of this exceptional golf course.


It is situated in the malaria free region of Limpopo Province.


It has a hotel, driving range, recreational facilities, a wellness centre and a multi-functional conference centre. It reflects the rich cultural legacy of this ancient part of Africa.


The resort was designed to minimize the impact on the natural environment. It preserves the pristine bushveld and makes the Resort one of the most environmentally sensitive of its kind in Africa.


But the most exciting part of your round of golf is the 19th hole.


This par three is set high up on the Hanglip mountain and is accessible only by helicopter. The green is 830 meters away—908 yards. However with a vertical drop of 430 meters or 470 yards it is a reachable par three.


It takes nearly 30 seconds for the ball to ht the ground.


The fairway is seeded with Cynodon grass and contoured to funnel the ball to the green below. 

In celebration of the African Renaissance, the green has been shaped like the map of Africa and is protected by a large waste bunker. 

Make a hole-in-one and win one million US dollars.

How much for a round?  A full 19 holes of golf will cost you $220 USD or 2,000 South African rand.  Included in this round is a 19th hole helicopter ride and a DVD of your shot.


To see a video of this hole please visit my blog Golfineer