The Doctor's WWE Main Event/SmackDown Recap: Post-WrestleMania 29 Shows

The Doctor Chris Mueller@@BR_DoctorFeatured ColumnistApril 14, 2013

Picture by Natasha Farley (Images property of WWE, BBC and Bleacher Report)
Picture by Natasha Farley (Images property of WWE, BBC and Bleacher Report)

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to my weekly Main Event and SmackDown recap list. I always appreciate my loyal readers, but for those of you who are new, each week I recap SmackDown with a long list. This week I made the list a little longer than usual since last week's was so short.
The entries are made up of equal parts observations, humor, recap, play-by-play, revelations, speculations, questions, answers and anything else I notice during the show. I sometimes comment on commercials, too, just because I get bored during them.
I try to interject some fun into these lists, so I hope you have fun reading this week's list of the things we learned, loved and hated from the shows.

Main Event

1. Let's see if WWE can deliver a decent Main Event after a raucous Raw.
2. Hmmm. The Funkadactyls and Tons of Funk kick things off. This could go either way.
3. The outfits Clay and T. have on really bring me back to the days of Doctor Dré and Ed lover on Yo! MTV Raps.
4. They are teaming up with Kofi Kingston. Does that make him Fab 5 Freddy?

5. Whoa! The Shield are wrestling a match on Main Event!
6. Things just picked up a bit on the "C" show. I am officially excited about this show.
7. Either Tensai is wearing spanx or he has dropped a few pounds. Good for him.
8. There's a commercial already? All my enthusiasm is gone.
9. When we return we see Ambrose and Kofi lock up.
10. Kofi hits his leap frog combination and then he sends DA over the top rope with a back drop.
11. Kofi tries to follow, but Ambrose beats him to the punch and ends up taking Kofi back in the ring and to his corner so he can tag in Seth Rollins.
12. Clay gets the tag and he takes out Rollins with a big running headbutt.
13. Tensai comes in and he hits a double team with Clay for a near fall.
14. Sweet T hits a rolling senton to Rolling in the corner. That is a move you do not see in WWE very often.
15. Ambrose and Reigns save Rollins from being crushed by Sweet T by pulling him out of the ring.
16. Rollins hits a beautiful kick to the back of the head and then he tags in Ambrose to keep up the offense.
17. Reigns gets the tag and he ends up hitting Sweet T with a nice Samoan drop before we head to another break.
18. I have to say, this is a pretty entertaining six-man tag match.
19. There hasn't been any lull in the action since the bell, and The Shield are looking like a well-oiled machine.
20. We return to see Rollins getting a near fall on Sweet T.
21. Reigns comes back in and continues to control the match.
22. Ambrose and Rollins hits a great double team move for another two count.
23. Kofi and Ambrose both get tags and Kofi springboards in and hits Ambrose with a clothesline.
24. He runs through all his signature offense leading to the Boom Drop.
25. Kofi manages to hits a high cross body for a two count.
26. Ambrose takes Kofi down with a hard right hook and then he tags in Rollins, who hits the flying knee to the back of Kofi's head.
27. Reigns spears Clay out of his boots when he tries to help, and Rollins pins Kofi for the win.
28. That was a fun match. I am really happy to see The Shield having more matches. They need to be seen wrestling by more people than the PPV audience to keep getting bigger.
29. After the match, The Shield attack Tons of Funk and Kofi.
30. They hit the Triple Powerbomb to Sweet T and then Clay. Reigns is a beast.

31. Cole and JBL replay the events from Monday surrounding the World title.
32. I could not be happier that Dolph Ziggler is World champion. It's about damn time.
33. He won that title for the Billy Gunns, the Mr. Perfects and the Rick Rudes. All the guys who helped make WWE a success, but never won the big one in WWE.
34. Matt Striker is going to interview Ziggler, but instead we get Big E Langston.
35. Striker asks him what it was like to debut at WrestleMania and Langston does a nerdy character in response.
36. Not his best work, but not awful.
37. Langston faces Zack Ryder after the break.
38. I'm not thrilled with the music they gave him. I guess it works on some level.
39. Damn! Langston just throws Ryder right over his head the second the bell rings. That is one of the most explosive moves I have ever seen.
40. Langston hits some good body shots in the corner followed by a belly-to-belly suplex.
41. Ryder hits a missile dropkick, but Langston explodes out of the corner when Ryder comes in for a splash.
42. Langston hits the Big Ending to get the pin and the win.
43. I really hope Langston finds his own success. He has more potential than most powerhouses his size.

44. After the break we get a recap of Ryback attacking Cena.
45. Everyone is calling this a heel turn. Why does it have to be a heel turn? He is just staking his claim as the top contender. It's not like Orton turns heel every time he hits a babyface with the RKO.
46. Triple H once gave Ryder a pedigree after he came out to help him, and everyone cheered.

47. Let's just wait and see what happens before we go and call him a heel.
48. However, I would like to see him as a heel. He would be a much better monster heel than I think people realize.
49. WWE claims in their "Social Media Fact" that they reached over 4 Billion social media user during WrestleMania weekend.
50. How is that even tabulated? Do they count my FaceBook profile and my Twitter as two separate users?
51. I just find this statistic very odd because 4 Billion people is over half the world's population.
52. I love how the video they play for Cena shows the crowd loving him on Monday instead of what really happened.
53. The beauty of editing.
54. I will say that they did a good job of playing up the possibility of a heel turn in the video.
55. Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter make their way out for a match with Yoshi Tatsu.
56. Colter talks about the various events in Boston history.
57. Colter's mustache is truly a thing of beauty. Yosemite Sam wishes he had that soup strainer.
58. Haha! Colter asks if people in Boston are real Americans since they play a Canadian sport, and then they pan over some banners for the Boston Bruins.
59. Did Colter just call Paul Revere a turncoat?
60. Colter gets on the mic and insults Tatsu and basically every Japanese person living in the U.S.
61. Colter tricks Yoshi into bowing, and Swagger kicks him.
62. Swagger controls most of the match with Tatsu, with Tatsu hitting a few signatures.
63. The Patriot Lock gets Swagger the submission win.
64. Main Event is back to having three matches, which makes me very happy. I fully expected half the show to be devoted to WrestleMania recaps.
65. The Shield having a match on Main Event was a nice change of pace. They need to get in front of bigger crowds. The PPV audience is significantly smaller than the weekly TV audience and they need to be seen by the entire WWE audience.
66. Yoshi Tatsu is turning into this generation's Funaki.


67. The show opens with a recap of Dolph Ziggler winning the World title on Monday. Thank God it wasn't more WrestleMania recap stuff.
68. Big E. Langston comes out on the ramp and introduces Dolph Ziggler in the style of Ricardo Rodriguez. He was impressive.
69. AJ and Ziggler come out to a mixed response, which I imagine was edited down from a giant pop.
70. Damn, that title looks good on his shoulder.
71. Ziggler clearly lost his voice screaming on Monday when he won the title. This was filmed on Tuesday, so the effects are still clear.
72. Ziggler talks about the fan's appreciation for him by chanting his name in matches he isn't even in.
73. He moves onto the reaction he got when he won the title, but he says the moment belongs to him and the WWE Universe can't be part of it.
74. Ziggler is really trying to get back his heel heat.
75. Ziggler's former team mate, Jack Swagger comes out with Zeb Colter, who introduces himself to Ziggler. Remember when Ziggler used to do that all the time?
76. He thanks Ziggler for being born in the United States, but he says Ziggler wouldn't be champion without Swagger.
77. True, but irrelevant.
78. Swagger gets on the steel steps and teases getting in the ring, but he backs off.
79. Colter says Swagger deserves a title shot and Ziggler should give it to him.
80. Ziggler stops Swagger's music after he leaves and goes back to his speech. Awesome.
81. Haha! The look on Ziggler's face when Alberto Del Rio's music hit was priceless.
82. Del Rio is limping to sell the injury and Ziggler dares him to come to the ring and fight him.
83. ADR tells him to relax and he says he is here to congratulate Ziggler.
84. He reminds us that he won the WWE title the same way, and it felt great.
85. He says he will get his rematch when his ankle heals.
86. Ziggler stops the music when Del Rio leaves yet again and he flips out about being sick of all the interruptions.
87. He says the next person who does it will be sorry.
88. Chris Jericho's music hits once Ziggler thinks nobody is coming out.
89. Y2J gets an "AJ's crazy" chant going rather easily.
90. She freaks out a little until Ziggler comforts her.
91. Jericho says he is the original show-off.
92. It's an accurate statement.
93. Jericho calls Ziggler's fans, Dolphins. I really hope that doesn't catch on.
94. Jericho says he just had Booker make match between them for tonight.
95. We got a lot of old Y2J catchphrases in that promo.

96. Prime Time Players get the jobber entrance for the next match against Team Hell No.
97. Kane and Big Titus start things off and Kane runs him around the ring like Titus is a lightweight.
98. Young tags in, but can't get the advantage as Bryan comes in for a double team off the tag.
99. Bryan telegraphs a back drop and Young takes advantage.
100. Kane ends up hitting Young with the Chokeslam and Bryan makes Titus tap out to the No Lock.
101. That was one of the fastest non-Divas tag matches I have ever seen.
102. The Shield come on the screen and deliver a promo to Kane and Bryan.
103. Kane gets pissed and makes his magic pyro go off to end the segment.
104. Which members of The Shield would challenge for the tag titles?
105. Every combination of the three has it's strengths.
106. It was smart to have Dean Ambrose deliver 90% of that promo. He is the best talker in the group.
107. After the break we see Wade Barrett face Santino after the break.

108. I am glad Barrett won the title back because of his rematch clause. If nobody ever won their rematch for a lost title then the rule would be totally pointless.
109. Barrett hits a nasty back kick to the gut to take control.
110. Santino runs into a Winds of Change for a two count, and this leads to Barrett setting up for the Bull Hammer.
111. Santino pops up out of nowhere and hits a flurry of offense to Barrett for a near fall.
112. The Cobra comes out, but Barrett kicks it away and hits the Bull Hammer for the pin and the win.

113. I don't get why Barrett rolls up his elbow pad before his finisher. All he is doing is doubling the padding on his elbow, at best. If he rolled it down to expose his elbow then it would seem more dangerous.
114. They are already advertising for WrestleMania XXX travel packages. I expect to see ads for WrestleMania 31 by fall of this year at this rate.
115. I will go if they come back to my general area for WrestleMania, but I have no desire to spend that much money on a trip for the weekend.
116. I would love a Soldier Field WrestleMania, but it will probably never happen. The capacity for an event like this would be 65,000 at best, and WWE probably wants no less than 70,000 for Mania anymore.
117. Michigan Stadium is the closest stadium to me that I see WWE even considering, and that time of year in Michigan is not always the most agreeable weather for a wrestling event.
118. However, it might be worth considering for the well over 115,000 attendance record for WrestleMania they would achieve.
119. Sheamus and Randy Orton are backstage asking why they had to have a match last week.
120. Teddy throws Booker under the bus and he gets the stink-eye from Booker.
121. Book makes a handicap match with them facing Big show.
122. They leave and the scene ends with Booker staring at Teddy angrily.
123. The Bellas and Tamina make their way out for a six-Diva tag match.
124. Kaitlyn and The Funkadactyls come out after the break.
125. I kind of forgot Kaitlyn was Divas champion until now. It feels like she has not been used at all lately.
126. Tamina and Kaitlyn start off, with Tamina taking Katie down right away before taking out both Funkadactyls.
127. Kaitlyn takes out Tamina with a spear and then she takes out one of the Bellas with another.
128. Naomi tags in with a big springboard cross body followed by a few big moves.
129. Naomi gets taken down from the middle ropes the hard way and she gets pinned out of nowhere.

130. Cameron was never even legal for a second in that match.
131. Naomi is wasted as Clay's dancer. She should be being groomed to be the next big thing in the Divas division.
132. She has moves we havem't seen since Lita.
133. Triple H is out after the break with a cast on his arm.
134. A Triple H chant breaks out and he says "I told you the ass kicker was back!"
135. Seriously? I am supposed to buy that 3MB had enough 3MBalls between them to come out and tell Triple H to shut up?
136. 3MB surround the ring to attack Trips.
137. The Shield's music hits and they come through the crowd.
138. They attack 3MB instead of Trips. Nice.
139. Now The Shield get on the apron and prepare to attack.
140. Kane's pyro hits and Team Hell No make the save yet again.
141. I love JBL's enthusiasm. He makes everything seem so much more interesting. He should be on every show full-time. I would watch any sport he called if he brought this kind of delivery. Could you imagine JBL doing golf commentary with this kind of energy?

142. Big Show comes in and complains to Booker about the handicap match.
143. Booker says he is sick of Show talking about his iron-clad contract and if he wants to walk out he can, otherwise his match is next.
144. Booker was layin' down the law.
145. I am curious to see what comes of the Teddy and Booker breakdown we are starting to see, although it is a little soap opera-ish.
146. I miss Eve. Remember when she would cause drama for no good reason other than having a chance to eves-drop (Pun intended) on someone? Good times.
147. SyFy just played Beyonce's new Pepsi commercial for the fifth time tonight. I won't lie, I want a pepsi now.

148. Orton is out after the break with his mid-section taped up to sell an injury.
149. We see a video package highlighting Big Show demolishing Orton and Sheamus on Monday.
150. I love when Big Show goes nuts like that. That is what giants like him should be doing.
151. Orton starts off against Show, and he is able to use his quickness to get the early advantage.
152. Big Show puts a stop to it with one sidewalk slam.
153. Show walks over the injured mid-section of Orton while mocking Sheamus on the apron.
154. Big Show misses an elbow from the middle rope and Orton crawls to Sheamus for the tag.
155. Sheamus comes in hot with clotheslines and body shots.
156. Big Show hits a spear to stop all of Sheamus' momentum.
157. Big Show takes a cheap shot to Orton's ribs while he is on the apron.
158. Orton rolls in and hits the RKO while Show is trying to pick him off the mat.
159. Sheamus lines up and Brogue Kicks Big Show right out of the ring.
160. Big Show could have made the count, but he decides to just walk up the ramp and leave.
161. Orton and Sheamus win by countout.

162. I would love it if Orton just gave Sheamus an RKO out of nowhere while they were celebrating. A 2009 Randy Orton would have done it.
163. The promo for the new Mick Foley DVD looks awesome.

164. Sheamus gets interviewed about the match after the break.
165. Mark Henry comes out of nowhere and throws Sheamus into a table.
166. This is odd. Both Kofi Kingston and Antonio Cesaro had no entrance for their match.
167. Cesaro grounds Kofi early with a series of forearms to the face.
168. Cesaro hits the jumping stomp for a two count before holding Kofi by the waist and slamming him to the mat.
169. A running, and yodeling, uppercut in the corner gets Cesaro another near fall.
170. Kofi starts to build some momentum until Cesaro hits a huge uppercut.
171. Cesaro catches Kofi in a cross body attempt, but Kofi is able to break out and hit the Trouble in Paradise for the pin and the win.

172. It looks like Kofi is in the US title picture...again.
173. As I am typing this I am hearing about Kobe Bryant's injury. Possible torn Achilles is what SportsCenter is saying.
174. I hope for his sake it isn't that serious. That is not an easy injury to come back from.
175. Fandango is out after the break and it looks like he is back to getting mostly boos already.
176. I was hoping everyone would sing along with his theme. It could be like when people chanted You Suck to Kurt Angle's theme. It's almost like a sarcastic chant.
177. Now that he is in the ring, you can hear some fans doing the theme song, but it is not as loud as I would like.
178. I think it's great that he is getting all this attention over something so minor, but this hype will die down in a month if WWE doesn't try and use it somehow. The videos are a good start.
179. They spent all that money on his stage accessory and the burning silhouette above the ring, they may as well try to get their investment back.
180. So far I have counted seven times they have played this Beyonce commercial in this one episode of SmackDown. Somehow I now have a Pepsi in my hand.
181. It's distracting when I am trying to work and she's shaking her various body parts all over the place.
182. It's pleasant, but distracting.
183. After the break we see that Fandango is only out here to watch Jericho face Ziggler.
184. I like how Ziggler is wearing the title backwards when he first comes out, and then he spins it around after he poses with his back to the ring.
185. JBL says it was disrespectful. I say spray-painting NWO all over it for years was way worse.
186. The bell rings and they lock up, with Jericho quickly hitting an armdrag to get things going.
187. Between Jericho, Fandango and Ziggler's attires, the WWE seamstress must be sick of using a bedazzler.
188. Some people sing Fandango's theme when the match slows down.
189. Jericho gets dropped with a Famouser for a near fall as we head to a break.
190. One last note about the commercials (I know I have made more than usual tonight).
191. I have officially lost faith in all reality TV. The shows the advertise during the commercial breaks make me want to cry. Not shed a tear, but cry like I just saw Old Yeller for the first time.
192. Dammit Beyonce! That's eight times in one show! How much is Pepsi paying to remind us they exist? I'm getting a Coke just to spite them.
193. We see that during the break, Fandango hit a kick to Jericho while the ref wasn't looking.
194. Ziggler gets a near fall after a neckbreaker, and then he does his headstand/headlock combo.
195. Sometimes I think the little fights JBL and Josh Mathews have on commentary are real. The one they had about Ziggler showboating did not seem planned.
196. Jericho hits a cross body from the top rope for a close two count.
197. Ziggler pops right up and hits a crazy-looking dropkick for another near fall.
198. Josh Mathews shoots...and misses with an Amanda Bynes joke.
199. A Lionsault gets Jericho a near fall.
200. Fandango tries to get in the ring while Jericho locks in the Walls of Jericho, and while the ref holds him back we see Langston hit Jericho in the head.
201. Ziggler wins with a roll up.

202. Ziggler and Langston both hit Jericho with their finishers after the match.
202. After Ziggler and his crew leave, Fandango makes his way in and he shows us a few dance moves before he starts beating on Jericho.
203. Fandango goes to the top rope and comes down with a leg drop to the back of Jericho's head.
204. SmackDown just ended with a guy nobody cared about until two weeks ago standing tall over Chris Jericho.
205. You do not see that every week.
206. Overall, SmackDown was a solid show.
207. Ziggler's opening segment was played out brilliantly by the new World champion. His anger increasing with each interruption was funny to watch.
208. The tag match with Team Hell No and PTP was way too short, but the seeds being planted with The Shield possibly going after the tag titles was the main point they wanted to hammer home.
209. Wade Barrett and Santino had a perfectly average match. Barrett looked like he was bored at some points.
210. Naomi was the highlight of the Divas match, which seems to be a common phrase I use whenever she is wrestling. Her agility and athleticism are insane.
211.Triple H's promo did not really accomplish anything unless he was going to have some kind of involvement with The Shield leading into Extreme Rules, which I doubt will happen.
212. The handicap match is the only thing I had a problem with. It did not really accomplish anything.
213. The attack by Mark Henry following the match seems to indicate that Sheamus and he will be feuding, which leaves Orton to possibly feud with Big Show leading to Extreme Rules. Maybe Show and Henry will team up to take on Sheamus and Orton.
214. Mark Henry might still be involved in the WWE title hunt, as well. So there could be a few overlapping programs for the next few weeks.
215. Kofi and Cesaro had a pretty good match, but I think they can do better.
216. Jericho and Ziggler had too many people at ringside for the match itself to be anything special, but both guys gave their usual great performances.
217. Raw was awesome. Main Event was pretty good, and SmackDown was also enjoyable for the most part. Let's hope WWE continues into next week with more solid shows.
218. On a final note, I think I came up with the a good Fandango sign. I do not remember seeing one of these yet. If any of you attend a WWE show soon, feel free to use this. "A Fandango ate my baby."

Feel free to leave your thoughts on the show below. Thanks for reading and follow me on Twitter @BR_Doctor.


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