WWE WrestleMania XXIX Live Report from the Kings of Sport

Alfred Konuwa@@ThisIsNastyFeatured ColumnistApril 14, 2013

WWE WrestleMania XXIX Live Report from the Kings of Sport

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    The Kings of Sport were on location for WrestleMania XXIX this past week.  Both Big Nasty and Marcus Vanderberg attended the event live.  Vanderberg, as part of a historic Raw crowd, weighed in during the show with a live report the following night.   Big Nasty returned to join Nate Milton in parts unknown. 

    The longest episode in the show's young history accommodated a WrestleMania-sized report on the event's fallout. 

    Crowd reaction, Dolph Ziggler's big win, and The Rock's disappearance were all discussed at length.  Podcast after the jump (WrestleMania talk starts at 27:42). 

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Final Thoughts on WrestleMania XXIX

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    WrestleMania XXIX was perceived by some as a lukewarm pay-per-view.  This sentiment also applies to the hosts, who felt that the pay-per-view underperformed. 

    WrestleMania XXIX was very similar to WrestleMania XXVII.  A handful of mediocre matches until The Undertaker came on. Then Taker stole the show, this time with CM Punk. 

    For a man involved in so many bad matches early in his streak, The Undertaker has put on instant classics in recent years despite his age.  Punk-Taker is all that really stood out for WrestleMania. 

    It was a one-match card with Punk and Taker.  The other main event matches fell flat, including Cena and Rock who Marcus Vanderberg feels don't seem to have very much chemistry. 

Swagger-Del Rio, Zeb Colter and Was WrestleMania XXIX Rushed?

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    One of the problems with WrestleMania XXIX was that the event felt rushed.  It came off this way on television to Nate Milton, and first-hand reports from both Big Nasty and Marcus Vanderberg confirmed this. 

    Zeb Colter and Jack Swagger rolled in on a magnificent ATV for Swagger's match against Del Rio.  Unfortunately, this was not captured on television as the WWE was playing a video package and seemed pressed for time. 

    Also, it was peculiar for the WWE to thrust Cena and Rock into the main event following the announcement of a broken attendance record.  No video packages?  No flashy John Cena entrance?  No come down match to get the crowd ready? 

Did Rock-Cena Deliver in the Main Event of WrestleMania XXIX?

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    The hosts were divided somewhat as to whether or not Rock-Cena delivered.  Nate Milton felt that two years of Rock-Cena was too much.  Marcus Vanderberg agreed somewhat, saying that the match was predictable. 

    Meanwhile Big Nasty recalled Bleacher Report interviewing fans who had left the main event early, "protesting" a match that was supposed to be once in a lifetime. 

    These fans clearly need lessons in boycotting as showing up to a stadium in record numbers then leaving is not an effective method of showing disapproval. 

    Rock and Cena continue to be cash cows for the WWE, and if this financial model isn't broke, the WWE has no reason to try to fix it. 

Was April 8th's Raw Better Than WrestleMania XXIX?

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    Marcus Vanderberg was part of a Raw crowd that may be looked upon as the best of all time.  This poll overwhelmingly confirmed that notion. 

    Dolph Ziggler received the largest pop of the night.  Following the show, John Cena put over Dolph Ziggler's title win and even put over Fandango, whose theme music has started the latest viral phenomenon. 

Can Dolph Ziggler Carry a World Championship?

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    Dolph Ziggler's reaction on Raw made him come off as the biggest star in the company.  But that was bizarro world.  In reality, Dolph Ziggler will not get that type of reaction in every city. 

    But as he remains heel, the WWE's perennially weak babyface roster may prevent him from having a run of any significance. 

    Big Nasty also reminded listeners of CM Punk's inability to move the needle when he was on top of the world in the WWE. 

    The vocal, yet minor, portion of the WWE's fanbase that supports Dolph Ziggler will not be enough to make him a big box office draw.  And with The Rock gone, Ziggler is anything but a viable replacement. 

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