Florida State Football: Winners and Losers from Seminoles' 2013 Spring Game

Jonathan McDanal@@jdmcdanalContributor IIIApril 13, 2013

Florida State Football: Winners and Losers from Seminoles' 2013 Spring Game

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    Final Score: Gold 40, Garnet 24

    Florida State's spring game is finished, and it's time to analyze the event. From the opening snap to the final whistle, every player on the field was performing in his final job interview for starting positions all over the roster.

    Florida State can contend for a national title with an undefeated run through its schedule. Here, we will cover which players proved they wanted to be part of that potential and who wanted to ride the bench for one more season.

    All stats are from the official stat sheet.

Loser: Running Backs

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    Florida State's favorite running backs were all missing from the spring game due to injury. This doesn't mean that the lost in terms of starting positions, but they did lose out on the ability to showcase their talents for the coaches and the fans.

    The running backs' absence cleared the way for all the receivers and tight ends to shine, but there's just something about a football game without tailbacks. It isn't a full picture of what is coming in the next season.

    With 1:27 left in the game, Chad Abram tweaked a leg in some way, which officially put Florida State's running game out of commission for the tiny bit of time remaining.

    Florida State may just want to look into an all-receiver scheme in case this happens during the 2013 season. The Seminoles at least need to be prepared for that potential situation.

Winner: Roberto Aguayo (K)

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    Roberto Aguayo started the game off with a missed field goal. After that one miss, the game was his.

    He went 5-of-6 for the game, including two from 34, two from over 50 yards and another from 47. His final field goal was as time expired in the fourth quarter. He blew a 58-yard attempt out of the water. It was almost dead center, and it was far into the upper half of the uprights as it sailed through.

    If any game comes down to kicking, Florida State has the advantage. The only exception might be against Tulane's Cairo Santos, but right now, the advantage would be with FSU even in that game.

Loser: Jacob Coker (QB)

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    In the fourth quarter, Clint Trickett got moved over to the Gold unit. Jameis Winston stayed the starter over on the Garnet side, and he was consistent and promising for the entire game.

    This put Jacob Coker solidly on the bench. While that situation doesn't make either Trickett or Winston the clear winner of the spring game, it certainly makes Coker the loser of the game.

    There is a clear battle for the starting job, and Coker simply didn't make the cut. He will have more opportunities in the future, but 2013 doesn't look like it's going to be his year.

    Coker didn't perform horribly, mind you. It's the simple fact that Winston and Trickett just did that much better.

Loser: Jimbo Fisher (Head Coach)

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    Overall, Jimbo Fisher's team looked good. He naturally has some issues to clear up on defense, as the combined score for the Garnet and Gold teams was over 60.

    However, the hardest part of his job didn't get any easier after the game. He still has to pick between Clint Trickett and Jameis Winston for the starting quarterback role. Trickett has more experience, but Winston is more talented.

    The bottom line is that each passer probably has the same number of college seasons left.

    All joking aside, if this is Fisher's most difficult decision in 2013, he will obviously be thankful.

Winner: Kevin Haplea (TE)

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    Kevin Haplea may be the player who benefited most from the absence of the running backs. Haplea was on the receiving end of an insane number of passes. Haplea caught four passes for 37 yards, but he was incredibly effective in the blocking aspect of his game.

    Part of that success was due to Nick O'Leary's concussion that kept him out of the game, but Haplea made his closing argument for heavy inclusion in the 2013 rotation.

    Haplea made himself a solid target all game long, and the coaches will certainly remember that when it comes time to make the official roster.

Winner: Karlos Williams (S)

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    Karlos Williams kicked the second half off by intercepting Clint Trickett on a 3rd-and-long play near midfield. Ending the Garnet's drive was an excellent move.

    At the time, Garnet was up 17-10, so a score would have put the game in serious jeopardy at that point. Even with plenty of time left on the clock, a two-possession deficit is not easy to overcome.

    Williams finished with eight tackles and that one interception returned for 13 yards. He finished second on the day in tackles, behind only Nile Lawrence-Stample.

    Williams was already the favorite to start, but he cemented his position through the spring game.

Winner: Kenny Shaw (WR)

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    Kenny Shaw caught 12 passes during the spring game, and he proved that he could give even Rashad Greene a run for his money as a starting wide receiver. His final yardage was 205 with one touchdown.

    The good news for Greene is that he'll be a starter. The great news for Florida State is that the depth at wide receiver rivals Alabama's depth at running back.

    Shaw was one of the favorite targets all day long, and he earned that right with every caught pass. Shaw was the brightest spot on the Gold team's roster, and that will translate well to the 2013 season.