Cleveland Browns' Two Ideal Draft Scenarios

Mike GCorrespondent IApril 22, 2009

CLEVELAND - NOVEMBER 30:  Derek Anderson #3 of the Cleveland Browns leaves the field in the fourth quarter after being injured while playing the of the Indianapolis Colts on November 30, 2008 at Cleveland Browns Stadium in Cleveland, Ohio. Indianapolis won the game 10-6.  (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)

The Browns face a pivotal draft.  There are a significant number of holes to fill (WR2, OLB, SS, RB, CB, and DL), with only a few selections to do it. 

Therefore, the Browns will probably need to make some trades to fill most of these holes. However, the first assumption that I’m making is that Braylon will not be traded for reasons mentioned in this post.

The first trade the Browns should make is to let Anderson go for the reasons discussed here

Possible destinations for Anderson include the Jets (No. 52 pick), Lions (No. 65 pick), Rams No. 66 pick), Seahawks (No. 68 pick), and 49ers (No. 74), assuming, of course, that none of the teams select a QB earlier in the draft. 

The Browns would likely have to part with their sixth round pick to make the trade with the Jets, and at the same time could get something else in return with 49ers.

Therefore, there are two scenarios that I see playing out with the Browns


Scenario One

Regardless of not trading Braylon, the Browns could select Crabtree with their No. 5 pick. 

Since most WRs take some time to develop, having Braylon on the opposite side would give him the time to learn what he needs to improve on to excel in the NFL

Furthermore, it would give the Browns some negotiation leverage with Edwards next year. However, if the Browns make this decision, they must be certain that one of the second tier OLBs (Larry English, Clay Matthews, Michael Johnson, Everett Brown) would be available at No. 36.

With WR and OLB addressed, the Browns could use their latter, second round pick to replace Sean Jones, with either Patrick Chung or Rashad Johnson, or go after a RB like LeSean McCoy or Shonn Greene. 

I think they’ll address the S position first, as the Noah Herron signing leads me to believe the Browns are content with the three RBs they have.

That would leave either DL or RB as the biggest areas of need, using the pick they acquire in trading Anderson. Ron Brace and Sen'Derrick Marks seem to be two DL that may be available at one of those draft spots.

Scenario Two

This scenario assumes that the Browns think it will be easier to find a second WR than it will to get an OLB. Thus, I see them taking Brian Orakpo or Aaron Curry with their No. 5 pick.

With the greatest need addressed, the Browns should trade their No. 36 pick to the Broncos for No. 48, and No. 84. 

While a lot of people want the Browns to trade out of the No. 5 slot, no other team wants the pick (unless Sanchez is still available). However, top picks in round two are routinely traded because first round talent is available at second round money.

Thus with the No. 48 pick acquired from the Broncos, the Browns could go after the safety of their choosing, leaving the No. 50 pick to select either a WR or DL.  I think a DL makes more sense, and believe the Browns would grab Ron Brace.

The Browns would now have two third-round picks, one of which could be used to fill the No. 2 WR position, and with Juaquin Iglesias available, he could fill the much needed possession receiver role in a year. 

The other third round selection could be used to draft either a RB or CB.  Again, I think the Browns believe they’re set at RB, so I seem them going after a CB to fill the need at dime back.

Both scenarios require the Browns to make one additional free agent signing, finding a No. 2 QB. 

There are two, young, "manage the game" QBs still available, JP Losman, and Rex Grossman.  Neither of these guys can be confused with a long term solution at QB, but at could at least keep the team competitive if Quinn were to be hurt.