WWE Needs to Use Yoshi Tatsu's Sense of Humor More

Ryan DilbertWWE Lead WriterApril 12, 2013

Photo from WWE.com
Photo from WWE.com

If WWE isn't going to let Yoshi Tatsu wrestle on a consistent basis, the company needs to make use of his ability to make fans laugh.

The speedy, exciting kick-wizard is rarely seen on Raw or SmackDown. His biggest career achievement with WWE has been winning the WrestleMania XXVI pre-show battle royal. With as many talented wrestlers as WWE employs, it's understandable that a few quality workers are going to be left out the limelight.

Tatsu's straight-faced humor is an asset WWE should take advantage of if the company doesn't have a place for him in the ring.

As a backstage interviewer, a participant in backstage segments or as Santino Marella's partner in comedy, WWE TV would benefit from Tatsu's work. He's no Louis C.K., but Tatsu has been mighty funny when asked to provide comic relief.

In a segment with Christian, Tatsu proved how funny he could be when only using two words.

A scene that begins seriously with Christian giving Tommy Dreamer a pep talk quickly becomes entertainingly silly. Playing on Japanese traditions and stereotypes, Tatsu creates a fun moment. Goldust and Christian are the stars here, but Tatsu gives a glimpse of his proficiency at comic timing.

Toying with what WWE audiences expect from the Japanese is something WWE can utilize more with Tatsu. So far, the company has managed to make this playful and lighthearted rather than uncomfortable.

It's humor that works perfectly in the PG era.

Check out Tatsu in this segment with Tyson Kidd. It's simple, quick and just the type of pop of humor WWE's shows could use more often.

Tatsu hasn't had many opportunities to show fans his personality. If he's in the ring, it's often just to get crushed. Even some of his backstage segments see him serve the jobber role.

This is partially why his Twitter account has become one of his main creative outlets.

Like Zack Ryder, he is forced to be more active tweeting than he is wrestling. His tweets show fans his endearing goofiness.

His best comedic work so far has been alongside Santino. Tatsu is best suited for a sidekick role, playing the straight man to Santino's funny man. Appearing on Santino's Foreign Exchange, Tatsu hilariously annoyed his WWE brethren.

This is a preview of how entertaining Tatsu can be.

Give him a Piper's Pit-type show. Let him be a regular backstage interviewer. Turn him and Santino into the next Goldust and Booker T.

There has to be a way to take more advantage of what Tatsu can do. He can be a blur in the ring or he can add chuckles to WWE TV. Either way, just letting Tastu sit on the bench is a waste of talent.