Brad Sorensen: Video Highlights for Former Southern Utah QB

Chris Trapasso@ChrisTrapassoAnalyst IApril 27, 2013

Brad Sorensen: Video Highlights for Former Southern Utah QB

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    In relation to other quarterbacks in the 2013 NFL draft class, Brad Sorensen isn't exactly a well-known name. 

    But the Southern Utah star stands 6'5'' and completed over 65 percent of his passes with 61 touchdowns and only 27 interceptions during his time with the Thunderbirds. 

    Here are some of the top plays from Brad Sorensen's collegiate career. 

Pass to Flag Route from Far Hash Mark vs. Northern Arizona in 2011

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    Sorensen made a big-time NFL throw on this play in 2011. 

    From the shotgun, he dropped back to the Northern Arizona 35-yard line. Precisely when the slot receiver made his break toward the sideline by the front pylon in the end zone, Sorensen stepped into the throw and beamed a laser across the field that arrived on time at the perfect location. 

    Touchdown, Southern Utah.

Downfield Touch Throw in 2011

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    On this play, Sorensen demonstrated amazing downfield touch. 

    From a clean pocket at the opponent's 43-yard line, Sorensen flicked a pass down the sideline to a receiver being single-covered. 

    The ball was placed perfectly as it fell into the wideout's hands around the five-yard line. 

Sideline Throw on 2nd Read vs. Northern Iowa in 2011

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    Sorensen looked the part of an NFL quarterback on this throw. At the snap, he looked to his right for his primary read. 

    When it wasn't there, he snapped back to the left and delivered an extremely accurate 45-yard pass for the touchdown.

Pass to Flag Route from Far Hash Mark vs. Utah State in 2012

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    This throw was almost identical to the one Sorensen tossed against Northern Arizona in 2011, proving that throw wasn't a fluke. 

    Against Utah State in 2012, he fired a rocket to the left sideline from the right hash with plenty of zip. 

    What's different about this pass?

    Sorensen was hit as he released the ball, and the cornerback on the play, Will Davis, has a future in the NFL.

40-Yard Pass vs. California in 2012

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    After extensively scanning the field, Sorensen found a receiver 40 yards down the field. 

    With a pass-rusher bearing down on him, the Southern Utah quarterback fired the football to his intended target, and it arrived a moment before the California defensive back could force an incompletion. 

    Sorensen demonstrated his arm strength on this play.

Back-Shoulder Throw in 2012

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    Sorensen made one of the most difficult throws look exceptionally easy on this play. 

    His protection broke down, but with a defensive lineman approaching, he flicked a perfect back-shoulder throw to a receiver nearly 20 yards down the field.

    Aaron Rodgers would be proud.