CM Punk: Why He Must Shock Us All Monday Night on Raw

David LevinSenior Writer IIApril 14, 2013

What does CM Punk have in store for us Monday night?

We all have the weekend to think about it. After a tremendous program with The Undertaker, we will all wait to see if Punk leaves us speechless on Monday night when he addresses the WWE fans and tells the world what his plans are following WrestleMania XXIX.

Being off Raw the night following the pay-per-view was by design. But it also may have put him back a bit, as the company shocked us all by having Ryback confront new WWE champion John Cena.

Feed him Cena.

Will Punk come out and drop a few pipe bombs on us all and shock the world again? Now would be a great time for him to use the “disrespect” card again. It would be a great time for him to capture the WWE Universe again with a speech that leaves us guessing what's next. For Punk, there is not much more he has to prove as a wrestler and as a champion. But not seeing him in the title picture is something WWE fans may have to get used to.

In my opinion, it is a wrong move by the WWE and its management.

Punk is the best in the business right now, and the company is actually faced with an overstock of talent it must deal with, leaving some of the best of the best off of the lead dance card.

That isn’t something you do to the person who held the WWE title for 434 days before losing to The Rock. Who will offer to dance with him at Extreme Rules? I want it to be Brock Lesnar, but I know better than that. A match with Lesnar is something for SummerSlam. Randy Orton would be great, but he is caught in the mire of Sheamus and Big Show.

Chris Jericho needs to rid himself of Fandango. While he is splitting time between the WWE and his band, Fozzy, he would be a great opponent for Punk.

And while we are at it, wouldn’t Alberto Del Rio be someone who could work a great angle with Punk based on Punk’s mean streak and his ability to manipulate the mind? Now that the World title is out of the picture, is the Del Rio-Jack Swagger angle really needed?

Punk needs to be the Punk who sits on entrance ramps, questions authority and makes people just plain mad. That’s what he is best at (besides doing a little wrestling). An angry Punk (one without a title) is a great Punk. Let’s all hope a great Punk will appear Monday night.