The Time Is Now Vince: Turn DiBiase And Watch Orton Step Into Stardom

Rodney SouthernCorrespondent IApril 22, 2009

NEW YORK - MARCH 11:  WWE Chairman Vince McMahon attends a press conference to promote Wrestlemania XX at Planet Hollywood March 11, 2004 in New York City.  (Photo by Peter Kramer/Getty Images)

The WWE has been building it and building it.  They just do not seem to know a face turn when they see it. Randy Orton is ready to explode as.... ou guessed it...a face!

Sunday's Backlash pay per view is the perfect time, and the six man match is the perfect platform. All the pieces are in place for the WWE to turn the wrestling world upside down.

Sound crazy?  Bear with me for a moment.

The six-man tag match main event features four men that have rich history together (Batista, Orton, HHH, and Shane) and two that are relatively new and need to create some history.  

DiBiase and Rhodes are joined at the hip and it is killing them. Had the WWE used this great tag team to build a real tag team division, that would no longer be the case. Instead, they went the route of forming Legacy. That said, the two boys could use some pushing.

Given the history between the others, however, the match is set up perfectly for a shock turn. Orton has shown that he can pull the fans, and his heel persona has built up his "Stone Cold/Rock" effect over the last several months.  

The moment has come to bring Orton into the spotlight as a face. Here is how they could do it:

Triple H is just about to lose the match at Backlash as Orton hits him with an RKO clean. As Rhodes and Batista battle on the outside, Shane comes in to make the save with the sledgehammer. DiBiase comes running into the ring to seemingly help Orton. As Shane goes to swing the hammer at Orton, he suddenly stops just short.  

He turns instead and tosses the hammer to DiBiase who then lays out...Randy Orton. Then DiBiase tosses the hammer back to Shane who then lays out....HHH. As the two men lie in the center of the ring, Rhodes and Batista finally realize what is going on and rush into the ring. As Rhodes stands over the two fallen men and goes to pin HHH, Batista whirls him around and power bombs him.

Batista then picks up a stunned HHH as he is staggering to his feet and power bombs him as well as Shane and DiBiase applaud him from the top of the ramp.  He then lays HHH over Orton and the ref counts to three.  HHH retains the title.

Batista joins Shane and DiBiase as Backlash ends, leaving three bodies in the ring.

Cut to Raw the next night:

The show opens with HHH coming to the ring. As he begins to review the night at Backlash, out comes DiBiase...alone. DiBiase then challenges HHH for the belt on Raw that night.  HHH accepts.

Throughout Raw, they build up the fact that Orton will not be at Raw due to injury. (something serious that would keep him out for at least two weeks) At the end of the show, HHH loses the belt due to interference by Batista and Shane, and DiBiase becomes champion. As they beat down HHH, Rhodes runs in to help but is beat down as well.  

This would give the push needed for Rhodes to maybe kick up a feud with Batista.  The two could do some pretty good spots if Rhodes could just get his mike skills down a bit better.

For the remaining two to three weeks Orton's return would be all the rage. What is he going to do when he comes back?  Go after HHH? Go after DiBiase/Batista/Shane? The announcers would need to tout his return over and over to build the excitement.

In the meantime, Shane, DiBiase, and Batista could run all over the WWE faces. Have them beat down everybody. Anyone that got in the way would need to be destroyed with DiBiase in particular winning every match with help along with a couple of straight pins as well.

Finally, at the next pay per view or an appropriate Raw, right in the middle of a Shane/Batista/DiBiase beat down of HHH, Orton's music could hit. After a moment or two and some shocked faces in the ring, Orton could come running down the ramp and RKO all three men. Just as he is about to give DiBiase a second dose, HHH could sneak in and....Pedigree...On Orton.

The whole thing was a set up on Randy Orton. HHH turns heel, and joins with Shane, DiBiase, and Batista for the new heel group. Orton is a man on an island, with the WWE fans squarely in his corner.

The revolution would then begin. Orton after DiBiase for the belt and eventual championship.