Jeff Hardy Status: Could ANY Of This Be a Planting From The WWE? Plus Update

Raymond TursherCorrespondent IApril 21, 2009

As almost everyone wrote last night, or the night before that, it is being CLAIMED that Jeff Hardy is either negotiating a contract and looking to take time off, or simply leaving his contract to look into other outlet's.

While this seems highly possible, I don't buy just every single report I see on the Internet, even from Joe. There are just some things that I feel are a bit artificial that seems like it would be put out from the WWE, and as I reported a month ago, the WWE is very mad at the leaks and has attempted to plant false "stories" to see who is leaking.

My question is: Is ANY (AND I MEAN ANY) of this news possibly planted?

My answer is yes and no and I am very ready to explain this.

All of these stories will mention a spot about Jeff declining contract extensions, and then going on to say that he may be burnt out. There is no reason to say that he is "burnt out" yes he has had a hard year last year, but he has not said anything about being burnt out.

One of the biggest things that gets me thinking is that in most stories and then follow-up stories, there is some kind of consideration of Jeff going to TNA, it doesn't make sense. The group from TNA hasn't had any contact with Jeff by their own choice, and it's being brought up, hmmmm.

I know that most people think that bringing up TNA is easily explainable, but hear me out. TNA has chosen to not contact Jeff Hardy for a contract and everyone tries to throw it out that he might or might not consider going to TNA.

Lots of people know that Jeff is great where he is on WWE. It sounds like the people planting this would simply want to set it up to think that Jeff is simply bumming around like he did once a few years ago.

Call all of this wishful thinking, or call me crazy, I think that there is a remote chance that this is not all true.

here is a newly discovered update as to Jeff's status

Jeffrey Itchweed Nero Hardy says that new contract signing are RUMORS, which means it may not be true, I might sign a new contract soon but the contract doesn't expire till July, so I'll play it day-by-day." 

This has no info saying he's burnt out, and I'm happy to see this "Day-by-day" from Jeff