Bad Call Bud Selig: Opening Day in Japan

ChatterBalksSenior Writer IApril 3, 2008

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Listen Japan. I was marking off the days until Opening Day 2008 since, say, the end of Game 4 of the World Series 2007.

And then the NFL season ended and I had no real reason to live for the months of February and March (like every year).

Then, the story broke about the Red Sox protesting because their coaches weren’t getting compensated for their trip to Japan.


I thought to myself...

“Wait a second here. Opening day is going to be in Japan? And the Oakland A’s (Read: AAA minor league team posing as a gutted, husk of a pro team) are playing? What scheduling mastermind came up with that idea? It’s almost not even worth it for me to watch.

But hey, what the heck. It’s opening day. I’ll watch anyways.”


And then...

“What? It’s at three in the effing morning? On a Tuesday? Oh wow. I really won’t be watching. At least there will be some real games being played in the next few days.”


I was naive...

“Nope. It’s one more A’s/Red Sox barn-burner, and then the season doesn’t really start until Monday.”

And now it’s Thursday and I haven’t seen even one legitimate baseball game or SportsCenter highlight. I can deal with the bullshit one-game-opening-day followed by another one- to two-game day.

But I can’t handle a whole week of pure baseBALL teasing. It’s not fair to me or any of the other die hard fans who have been waiting so long (five months).

Should we blame the Japanese baseball Lobbyists for trying to increase Japanese baseball fan-support? Or should we blame that old burlap sack we call "Bud" for trying to spread the cultural appeal of baseball across the globe?

Either way, it was an awful idea to turn Opening Day into Opening Week and anticlimactically having it in a place where they can’t even make eye contact when they have sex.

Japan: I curse you with a million Brian Sabeans and two million Scott Boras’ to ruin baseball in your country.


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