The WWE: Will History Repeat Itself?

Gagan SamraContributor IApril 21, 2009

The Undertaker, Shawn Micheals, Batista, and possibly Jeff Hardy—these are just few of the big name WWE superstars that may leave/retire in a couple of years.

This will leave the WWE with a huge hole to fill, unless they finally decide to promote some new young superstars.

One of the most hyped names that has been tossed around is Ted Dibiase Jr.

Many feel as though he is the next big main event superstar. However, he seems like a very weak wrestler at the present time, jobbing to Batista and getting knocked out by Shane McMahon. This will hopefully turn around, and he will be seen as a legitimate contender.

There are various reports surfacing that Ted Diabase Jr. will break apart from Legacy towards the end of the year, in order to start his run as a singles wrestler. 

Now, Dibiase Jr. can not simply just walk away from the group. That is not how the WWE runs its business. There is only one proper way for this break up to occur, and it involves Randy Orton and the rest of Legacy.

Sometime during the next couple months, a new superstar will join Legacy. This new member will probably be the "muscle" of the group, similar to Batista's role in Evolution. For the rest of the article's sake, I will declare this new member to be D.H. Smith.

Towards the end of the year, Ted Dibiase Jr. will earn a title shot against John Cena and successfully win the WWE Championship from him. Randy Orton, jealous from the success of Dibiase, will then destroy Dibiase with a vicious beat down, with the help of a powerful D.H. Smith and Cody Rhodes.

Now, this storyline is very similar to the demise of Randy Orton from Evolution. Orton won his first World Heavyweight Championship, becoming the youngest ever WWE Champion.

Triple H, arguably the biggest heel in the WWE at the time, decided to turn on Orton and beat the hell out of him. This turned Randy Orton into a top baby face, as the fans got behind him in his quest to get back at Evolution.

This time around, Orton is now the top heel in the business, and Dibiase could become the next big baby face, as a result of Legacy's beat down of him. This will leave three superstars in Legacy, which will allow them to continue the group for a couple more months. Dibiase will feud with each one of them before embarking on his path towards a Hall of Fame career. 

Now, I see a path for Diabase where he will continue to be a baby face, until he turns into a mega heel. This will set up a major feud with the Undertaker culminating at WrestleMania XXVII.

I have already written that Dibiase Jr. is the most suited superstar to break the Undertaker's streak. We all know about the Undertaker's loyalty to the company, and his willingness to put over young superstars. Though I hope he retires with the streak intact, the Undertaker will not have a problem losing to Dibiase at WrestleMania.

I understand that many fans do not like seeing old storylines being reused, but this storyline makes a lot of sense and almost guarantees a great result for the WWE. They need to do this in order for them to continue the business and keep fans interested in the product.