Truth Martini and Why WWE Should Sign Ring of Honor's Great Manager

Ryan DilbertWWE Lead WriterApril 11, 2013

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There is a captivating madman leading Ring of Honor wrestlers to championships, a man who WWE needs to consider signing.

Truth Martini would make for an intriguing manager for a number of WWE stars who need a mouthpiece.

Formerly in Michael Elgin's corner, the self-proclaimed super duper, King Kong, mega mega, managerial sensation draws in one's attention right away. Both his eccentric look and his dark charisma are compelling components of a unique character.

With his wild hair jutting out and sporting ridiculous hats and a devious grin, Martini looks like a tripped-out social outcast.

He's often too sexually explicit, too edgy to fit into what WWE does today, but he's certainly talented to deliver the same emotional punch with toned-down promos. His tweets show off his compelling nature when he's not disparaging women.

WWE has a serious need for new managers.

A company which once employed the likes of Captain Lou Albano, Bobby Heenan and Paul Bearer now lacks great managers. As enjoyable as it is to look at the Funkadactyls, the Bellas and AJ Lee, none of them offer the kind of depth and narrative options that Martini could.

ROH has already supplied WWE with several of its biggest in-ring talents. Daniel Bryan, Seth Rollins, Antonio Cesaro and CM Punk were all prominent ROH wrestlers.

Perhaps it's time to pluck a managerial talent from the Pennsylvania-based promotion.

Martini—should WWE be willing to keep his character mostly intact—would have an immediate and dramatic impact. He's a blend of Gangrel, Godfather and Willy Wonka. Have a listen to the strangeness that is a Martini promo.

The addition of Zeb Colter instantly invigorated Jack Swagger's career. Martini could do the same thing for someone else.

If WWE does indeed bring up Adrian Neville and Kassius Ohno from NXT as F4WOnline (via reported, then Martini would make an excellent manager to help initiate their momentum. Perhaps the Prime Time Players get paired with the oddity known as Truth Martini. Those three together would make for an interesting combination.

The "truth" in Martini's name, along with his instability, has one thinking of what a R-Truth and Truth Martini duo would look like.

WWE's biggest hesitation with bringing him in shouldn't be based on Martini's limitations but instead his similarity to NXT talent, Bray Wyatt. The rambling dark poet Wyatt provides a parallel experience to what Martini could bring.

It makes perfect sense of WWE avoid Martini for this reason, but how wildly fun would it be for The Wyatt Family to go up against a Martini-led stable? 

Martini is rocking it in ROH.

Perhaps he stays there for the duration, entertaining as only he can do. His maniacal energy, his unusual and unsettling style should have WWE taking stock of what he does and what he could do alongside a WWE star or two.