WWE: Wyatt, Ohno, Neville Among Potential NXT Call-Ups

Joe JohnsonSenior Writer IIApril 11, 2013

Three of the WWE's top developmental talents are expected to be close to a main roster call-up in the near future. Bray Wyatt, Kassius Ohno and Adrian Neville—three very different performers with distinct characters—are in line to make their WWE debuts, according to Wrestling Observer. 

Per Wrestle Zone:

It's being reported by F4WOnline.com that Bray Wyatt, Kassius Ohno and Adrian Neville (the former Pac) are the next WWE NXT stars being primed for television. The three are said to be ready for the main roster and could be called up very soon.

Wyatt, formerly known to the WWE Universe as Husky Harris, has rebuilt his character into one of the most demented and compelling wrestlers in the industry.

Playing off Robert DeNiro's iconic movie role as Max Cady in Cape Fear, a character that has been replicated before by Waylon Mercy, Wyatt has created a southern religious zealot who portrays himself as a messiah of sorts.

His southern drawl, slow cadence, creepy movements and facial expressions make him unique to the WWE Universe. He's currently leading a small stable called the Wyatt family with Luke Harper (formerly Brodie Lee) as his lead henchman.

I'd expect there to be a number of promo videos leading to his debut that would highlight the depth of the character. It will be interesting if he's going to bring Harper at some point, or if he'll be primarily a singles star. 

Ohno was known as Chris Hero during a long run on the independent scene.

He shined as a singles star but made his biggest splash as a member of the Kings of Wrestling, tagging with Claudio Castagnoli, or as we in the WWE Universe know him, Antonio Cesaro.

Ohno recently finished a feud with William Regal, which seems to have become a finishing school of sorts for young heels in NXT. Dean Ambrose's final feud before debuting with The Shield was also against Regal. 

It will be interesting to see how they use the big, bruising Ohno. With Cesaro seemingly directionless at the moment, the IWC would jubilantly welcome a Kings of Wrestling reunion where they'd be a fresh team in the tag division. 

Neville has spent the least amount of time in NXT of anyone.

The recently signed British high-flyer PAC was known across the independents as "The Man Gravity Forgot." His big spot move set is unlike anything seen in the WWE right now. It may be blasphemy, but I'd put his aerial skills head of Evan Bourne, and if Neville is embraced, it makes Bourne highly disposable. 

Neville just won the NXT Tag Team Titles with his partner, fellow Brit Oliver Grey. I had been hoping the duo would come up together as a high-flying Hardy Boys-type team, as we don't have that type of pairing on the show at the moment.

As a singles star, Neville will go as far as the company lets him fly. His big spots are what will endear him most to the crowd. If they let him go, he'll be an immediate fan favorite. 

Who do you think will have the biggest impact on the WWE?