Quinton Patton: Video Highlights for Former Louisiana Tech Wide Receiver

Thomas Galicia@thomasgaliciaContributor IIApril 26, 2013

Quinton Patton: Video Highlights for Former Louisiana Tech Wide Receiver

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    One of the more intriguing potential early second-to-late first-round picks in this draft is Louisiana Tech wide receiver Quinton Patton.

    Patton led the Bulldogs last season with 104 receptions for 1,392 yards and 13 touchdowns as part of an offense that seemed to catch at will.

    There's not much to dislike about Patton's game, as the 6'2", 195-pound wide receiver runs smooth routes and has the NFL hands to match his NFL body. He's also fairly quick off the line of scrimmage, as Louisiana Tech used him on just about any route imaginable.

    Here's a look at some of Patton's best plays with Louisiana Tech, which show a glimpse of a player who belongs in the NFL. 

78-Yard Touchdown Reception vs. Illinois (2012)

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    One great indicator of Patton's upside comes from his performances against BCS schools—performances which have been phenomenal. 

    Louisiana Tech went 2-1 against BCS opponents last season, with both wins coming on the road. Patton's combined numbers in those games: 35 catches for 494 yards and six touchdowns.

    Tech's first matchup against a BCS school last season came against Illinois in Champaign. In that game Patton was matched up against Illini cornerback and potential mid-round draft pick Terry Hawthorne.

    Hawthorne may be a physical defender with decent (but not great) speed, but he was no match for Patton on this night, especially on this 78-yard touchdown reception where Patton got past Hawthorne and well behind him.

    Once he caught the ball, there was no way Patton would be caught.

11-Yard Touchdown Reception vs. Rice (2012)

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    How will Patton fare when defenses play zone coverage as opposed to pressing him?

    This video has the answer as Patton found himself surrounded by three Rice defensive backs just as the ball got to him.

    He still saw the pass, then caught it in the end zone. The pass was pretty well thrown, but the concentration Patton showed when surrounded by three defenders gave that catch higher marks than the 65-yard reception Patton had earlier in this game (left out due to the fact it looked similar to his 78-yard catch against Illinois).

11-Yard Touchdown Reception vs. Texas A&M (2012)

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    Expect to see Patton's prolific outing against Texas A&M twice on this list, as Patton had a field day against an Aggies defense that couldn't find an answer for him.

    Patton had 21 receptions for 233 yards and four touchdowns in this contest, and his first touchdown would come on a perfectly executed fade route to the back corner of the end zone.

    Patton got past Aggies defensive back Tramain Jacobs, then dropped far enough behind him to allow himself to catch the ball in stride with plenty of room to spare in the end zone.

62-Yard Touchdown Reception vs. Texas A&M (2012)

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    It was a simple cross-route meant mainly to pick up a few yards and keep the chains moving. Then Patton caught it.

    Patton was on his way out of bounds, which seemed to fake out the Aggies' defensive backs, who were likely afraid of drawing a penalty.

    This created a hole that Patton ran straight through, resulting in his fourth touchdown of the evening.

    Patton's quickness and speed are on display, as are his football instincts and his route-running. The cross-route he ran couldn't have been executed any better, despite the fact that the timing was knocked off a bit by a bobbled snap.

31-Yard Reception vs. Utah State (2012)

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    Despite the lack of touchdown receptions (and the fact that Tech lost in overtime), Patton had a great game against Utah State, with this catch being a prime example of his effort.

    Patton runs the route well; however, due to a short throw he has to come back to the ball. Throughout the route, he's covered well by Utah State's Nevin Lawson, but Patton still makes the catch and hangs on to the ball for the first down, getting the Bulldogs into Aggie territory.

    Patton is a first-down machine and a true red-zone threat. This play shows exactly why, as well as why he's a receiver who will make the team drafting him very happy come next season.