Travis Kelce: Video Highlights for Former Cincinnati TE

Joseph BrunoCorrespondent IApril 26, 2013

Travis Kelce: Video Highlights for Former Cincinnati TE

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    Cincinnati TE Travis Kelce is one of my favorite players in this draft and I believe he can become a nice steal for any team somewhere in the second or third round.

    He has the talent and competiveness to become a No. 1 tight end in the league and at worst a No. 2. He has all the tools to be a matchup problem in the passing game and has good experience as a blocker.

    Although each video is longer, the specific play I will be talking about in each slide is the first one that plays.

    Here is a look back at Kelce's best plays from his college career. 

Big Gain vs. Duke, 2012

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    Kelce grabs the dump-off pass and it looks like the Duke defender has a lock, but Kelce just shrugs him off to get the first down.

    Not only does Kelce get the first down, though, he makes another guy miss and doesn’t run out of bounds for another 15-to-20 yards.

    Just for good measure, Kelce also runs through a defender as he is going out of bounds so as not to make anything easy for the defense.

Tough Running vs. South Florida

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    This is by no means the best play by Kelce in his career, but it just shows the type of competitiveness the guy has to not go down.

    Kelce already got the first down and a lot of receivers would just save themselves and get down when they see two or three defenders in front of them.

    Every NFL team would love to have that kind of effort and it finally takes about three guys to bring Kelce down.

Touchdown Catch vs. Duke, 2012

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    In the NFL, tight ends are more and more expected to be able to stretch the field and Kelce has deceptive speed for the position.

    He lines up outside and basically just runs past the Duke defender and then outruns everyone else on the way to the end zone.

Jump Ball vs. UCONN, 2012

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    A tight end can be a quarterback's best friend and Kelce has the type of size that can compensate for throws that aren't necessarily perfect.

    On this particular play, the throw isn’t terrible, but Kelce does a great job of getting in position and boxing out the defender to make the catch.