Enigma Looking To Leave WWE?

Josh McClureContributor IApril 10, 2017

In less than 24 hours, rumor has spread like wildfire that the Charismatic Enigma, Jeff Hardy, may be leaving WWE sometime this summer.

His doubters could care less.

Meanwhile, the majority of the WWE Universe is taken aback by this yet-to-be 100 percent confirmed information.

Very few WWE superstars cross age and gender barriers when it comes to fans. 

Guys like Cena typically draw the young and female fans. With someone like Hardy, he has every age group and both males and females in his large fanbase.

So why leave at one of the, if not the, highest points of his career when it seems like he's seemingly at the top of his game?

The word going around is one we all have heard before when it comes to Jeff: burnout.

Honestly, when you take a look at Hardy's life in the past year, it has been a whirlwind.  He was suspended for 60 days just weeks before Wrestlemania 24 and in the middle of one of his greatest pushes.

On the Friday of that same week, Jeff and his girlfriend lost their home to a fire.  They lost everything, including their now famous dog, Jack.

Going through a loss like that is never easy. Having experienced that first-hand isn't something you just brush off like it was nothing. Being on the road all the time has more than likely eased the pain for Jeff, but one can imagine it hasn't helped him fully move on.

Also, Jeff will be 32 at the end of August. He and Matt have been wrestling since they were both in high school. In other words, he has been wrestling for over half of his life. Starting out as jobbers in 1993 equals 16 years in the business. 

Very few guys on the WWE active roster have that much experience. Those who do are much older.

HBK made his debut in 1984 as did The Undertaker. That's 25 years apiece. They are now 42 and 44, respectively.

In the world of wrestling, Hardy is still relatively young.  Outside of guys like Randy Orton, CM Punk, and John Cena (29, 30, and 31), a lot of the big names are at least 34 or older.

Batista is 40 while Big Show is 37, Triple-H is 39, Jericho is 38, and HBK is 42. Undertaker is 44, Edge is 35, Rey Mysterio is 34, Christian is 35, and Kane is 41.

Losing Jeff would be a huge blow to WWE, especially in comparison to when he left before. I wouldn't say he is out for good. Looking at age alone, if Jeff stayed in shape and decided to come back after a while, he would still be good for a number of years.

Is TNA an option?  Of course. 

TNA would be out of their minds to not at least give Hardy a call. Given how much Hardy's popularity has risen since his return to WWE, it would quite possibly be the biggest signing in TNA history.

I personally like to think this is just Hardy looking for some personal time. Again, losing everything like that is no small deal.  Maybe he and Beth (his girlfriend) are looking to get married in the future. Who knows?

If Hardy decides to leave and not return to wrestling at all, many would be disappointed.

Hardy would also leave as one of the more decorated performers of the current generation:

six-time WWE World Tag Team Champion

one-time WCW Tag Team Champion

three-time WWE Hardcore Champion

one-time WWE European Champion

one-time WWE Light Heavyweight Champion

four-time WWE Intercontinental Champion

one-time WWE Champion

Regardless of whatever happens, it would definitely be hard to forget the high-flying, risk-taking, daredevil antics of the Charismatic Enigma, Jeff Hardy.