Cubs Owner Tom Ricketts Receives Package with Goat Head at Wrigley Field

Jason S. PariniCorrespondent IIApril 10, 2013

Courtesy of Phil Velasquez, Chicago Tribune
Courtesy of Phil Velasquez, Chicago Tribune

Just when I think that rival fans have enough material for Cubs jokes, some crazy fan adds more fuel to the insult fire. 

The Chicago Tribune reported today that a package containing a goat head was delivered to Wrigley Field today, addressed to Cubs owner Tom Ricketts.  The package was reportedly placed at Gate K today, and police were notified.

Gate K is the northwest gate of Wrigley Field, located off Waveland Avenue.  In my experience exploring around Wrigley Field, I have often found Gate K to be open with a small security booth located just inside.

Although few details have been released about the incident, the Chicago Sun-Times described the event as a "grisly incident," leading one to believe that the head was that of an actual deceased goat.

Really, folks?  Killing a goat will get your point across?

The package more than likely came in response to the ongoing controversy regarding potential Wrigley Field renovations.  Cubs lore says that in 1945, the organization was cursed by tavern owner Sam Sianis, whose goat was denied entrance into the '45 World Series. 

The odd incident is almost certain to bring scrutiny from rival fans such as the Cardinals and White Sox.  It is just another example of the toll that the team's futility has taken on its fans, although to murder a goat over anything other than use is just plain ridiculous.

The "curse of the billy goat" is just one excuse in a long line of "reasons" as to why the Cubs have failed to win a World Series since 1908.  Among them are a black cat crossing in front of Ron Santo in 1969 to begin their historic crash and Steve Bartman's actions of trying to catch a foul ball in Game 6 of the 2003 NLCS. 

Notice I didn't say that Bartman interfered or impacted the outcome of the series...

Perhaps instead of sending inappropriate packages to the Cubs owners, fans can voice their opinions in a civilized and non-murderous manner.  Citizens can write letters to Alderman Tom Tunney (who is the biggest obstacle in the approval of the renovations) or write to Cubs owner Tom Ricketts (who received the package).