Terrance Williams: Video Highlights for the Former Baylor WR

Alan Hubbard@@ahubbard72Contributor IIIApril 26, 2013

Terrance Williams: Video Highlights for the Former Baylor WR

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    Statistically speaking, no receiver did better in 2012 than Baylor's Terrance Williams. 

    He led the nation with 1,832 yards on 97 receptions. He also had 12 touchdowns. He averaged nearly 20 yards per catch. 

    And he did all of that without Robert Griffin III. Indeed, while RG3 was captivating the NFL as a rookie, Williams was still at Baylor, further building his own pro stock. 

    To get a better idea of his abilities, let's take a look at some of his best highlights from his impressive collegiate career.  

Williams Fights for Extra Yards

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    Terrance Williams is a big body at receiver. Standing at 6'2" and 208 pounds, he can be an intimidating figure to smaller corners. 

    In this particular highlight, we see Williams utilize his big frame to fight for yards. He creates separation between himself and the corner early on in this short crossing pattern. The easy reception is made and he begins upfield. 

    The corner closes in and grips Williams' jersey, all he has room to reach for. Unfortunately, a mere grab of cloth isn't anywhere near enough to throw Williams off-balance. He stays upright and forces his way forward for an extra couple of yards to secure the first down. 

Williams Goes Deep for the Bomb

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    Considering the Baylor Bear's size, Williams excels as an outside threat. He shows that here. 

    As the ball is snapped, Williams takes off straight downfield, daring the corner to keep pace with him. The QB recognizes single coverage and lets it rip toward the end zone. 

    Williams does the rest. He runs through the route and, having created enough separation from the corner, makes a fairly easy grab in the end zone for six. 

Williams Exhibits Steely Concentration over the Middle

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    One of the trickiest situations a receiver can encounter is a pass over the middle. Especially when the middle of the field is clogged with defenders who are swinging for the ball. 

    One such play happens in this highlight. Williams runs a short route on on the bottom half of the field. As the QB hangs a pass towards Williams, at least two defenders reach up to bat the ball away. It's hard to tell if either defender actually contacts the ball, but the visual effect is nonetheless jarring for a receiver. 

    Williams never shakes concentration, though. He keeps his eyes on the ball and grips it even as another defender tries to knock it from his hands. That kind of concentration is essential in the NFL. 

Williams as Red-Zone Threat

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    Williams' 6'2" height makes him an ideal candidate to go up in the red zone for jump balls. 

    On this particular play, though, he doesn't have to. Baylor simply has him duck underneath the safeties and zip into the middle of the end zone. The linebackers had already evacuated thanks to a well-executed fake to the running back, leaving a perfectly spacious spot for Williams to attack. 

    It may seem simple, but it's the kind of play that will secure Williams a spot on an NFL roster. 

Williams Can Block, Too

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    We've seen highlights of Williams' receiving abilities. But the former Baylor wideout can also block very well. 

    Baylor sets up a bubble screen to another receiver. The play only goes for about eight yards and doesn't pick up the first down, but without Williams' efforts as a blocker, the play would have likely been blown up at the line of scrimmage. 

    Williams uses his long arms to lock the defender in place, then drives him back with his powerful legs. With his big frame, it shouldn't come as much surprise that Williams is a successful blocker. Those skills would be a great boon to a team that likes to run to the outside. 

Williams Carves Up West Virginia's Secondary

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    West Virginia's biggest mistake in this play was to let Williams get so wide open over the middle. 

    Williams cuts inside on a deep post, finding his way into an empty valley devoid of defenders. He makes a great catch with his hands instead of letting the ball reach his body. Unfortunately, you can see that Williams isn't as fast as some of his peers, but he's got enough speed to pick up a huge gain and put the offense in a great position. 

Williams Fights for the Pylon

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    This one is a real beauty. 

    Williams turns a routine curl route into a determined rush for the end zone. After making the catch at the 11-yard line, he twists away from the first corner to attack him, causing him to miss entirely. He turns upfield towards the goal line just as a linebacker closes in on him with a great angle.

    The linebacker unfortunately prevents Williams from reaching the end zone, but his fight for the pylon is admirable nonetheless. 

    It's nice to see a big guy move with such flexibility and control over his body. 

Williams Goes Deep Again

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    Williams utilizes his size and speed to yet again streak down the sideline and burn a defense for a long touchdown. 

    He zooms past the corner on the go route, creating a pretty easy window for his quarterback to hit. Williams completes the play by going up for the grab just as the corner catches up and provides resistance. His interference would prove useless as Williams secured the touchdown reception. 

    With his prototypical size and natural abilities, Williams could be a second to early third round steal for a receiver-hungry team.