Marquise Goodwin: Video Highlights of the Former Texas Wide Receiver

Alan Hubbard@@ahubbard72Contributor IIIApril 26, 2013

Marquise Goodwin: Video Highlights of the Former Texas Wide Receiver

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    Marquise Goodwin's game is predicated on one thing: speed. 

    The former University of Texas track star wowed at the NFL combine, scoring a scintillating time of 4.27 in the 40-yard dash. That's second to only Chris Johnson's time of 4.24 seconds in 2008. 

    Goodwin is the kind of guy NFL teams will target if they're looking for a dynamic weapon they can use in multiple ways. His size (5'9", 183 lbs.) will limit him from being any team's No. 1 receiver, or even a No. 2 for that matter. 

    But utilized in the slot or in receiver-heavy packages, or even as a runner, Goodwin possesses the kind of speed and athleticism to hurt defenses in big ways. 

    Let's take a look at some of his best plays from 2012.  

Goodwin Is Hard to Bring Down

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    In this first highlight, we see how dangerous Goodwin can be when the first tackler misses. 

    This play is a short, five-yard route over the middle that should be nothing more than that. However, the defender in the area takes a bad angle on Goodwin and allows him to slip into open field. 

    Any other player would likely pick up another four or five yards here. Not Goodwin. With his speed, he's able to turn one player's whiff into an extra 20 yards. 

Goodwin Grabs the Bomb in the Alamo Bowl

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    What can a corner do when a guy as fast as Goodwin is committed to running right by him? As you can see in this highlight, not much. 

    Goodwin gets so wide open on this vertical route that he already has about two steps on the defender when the QB releases the ball. By the time Goodwin is in the end zone making the catch, nobody is within eight yards of the receiver. 

    Speed kills. 

Goodwin Embarrasses Ole Miss' Secondary

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    After giving up a play like this, I doubt this corner wanted anything less than to go back to the bench and face his coaches. 

    Then again, what could he really do? Goodwin's blistering speed clearly overwhelms the corner at the start, forcing him to go all out to cover the deep route. Then, Goodwin stops on a dime to catch the underthrown ball, leaving the corner with little time to react. 

    By the time the corner does react, there's little more he can do than throw himself at Goodwin's legs and hope he goes out of bounds. Goodwin instead slips away from the defender and fights off another Rebel defender on his way to a touchdown. 

    Speed doesn't just kill, it annihilates. 

Goodwin Slices Through a Running Lane

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    Goodwin shows off his abilities as a runner in this highlight. 

    The speedy receiver sweeps behind the line and takes the handoff right, following his gang of blockers. He gives a quick fake inside to get one defender off-balance, which then allows Goodwin to cut back outside of his blocker and knife through a small window. 

    The speed with which he bursts through the hole is downright scary. It wouldn't have mattered if the goal line was only three yards away or 30; nobody would have caught Goodwin at that point. 

Seriously, Goodwin Is Really Fast

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    Unless you're an immobile wall of stubbornness or you simply haven't been paying attention, you'll thoroughly understand by now that Marquise Goodwin is a very fast human being. 

    And yet, I'd like to hammer the point home yet again. More from the Alamo Bowl in this highlight as we see Goodwin yet again playing the role of sweep-runner. The catch here is the reverse that sets up the play, which catches the defense off guard and gets them out of place. 

    That's all it took. Goodwin didn't need any fancy moves or feats of agility on this play. He simply found his hole, accelerated and was off to pay dirt. 

    Speed, speed, speed. 

Another Jet Sweep, Another Goodwin Touchdown

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    You may be noticing a pattern here. Three jet sweeps in a row, three Goodwin touchdowns. 

    This is where Goodwin could make his living in the NFL. As a receiver he won't take over any game, but used sparingly in that role and taking sweeps in the backfield, Goodwin could be a headache for defenses. 

    Much like the last sweep against Oregon State, there isn't too much fancy going on in this play. Sure, Goodwin gives one would-be tackler the slip as he turns the corner, but for the most part, you got more unreal speed on display. 

    Then again, is that such a bad thing? 

Oh, and Goodwin Can Return Kicks Too

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    Alongside his abilities as a pass-catcher and runner, Goodwin is a talented return man as well. He didn't come away with any touchdowns off returns in 2012, but that doesn't mean he didn't do damage. 

    As seen in the above video, Goodwin can pick up huge chunks of yards effortlessly if coverage isn't perfect. He weaves in and out of blockers and shakes defenders as he ensures the offense won't have far to go to reach the end zone. 

    Goodwin will likely end up as a specialized tool in the NFL, a guy who can be plugged into various roles for various situations. If he can play with the same level of speed he showed at Texas, he'll make one team very happy and 31 others very nervous.