AJ Lee and the 10 Most Insane Divas of All Time

Sharon GlencrossContributor IApril 11, 2013

AJ Lee and the 10 Most Insane Divas of All Time

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    Despite looking like the nice girl-next-door, WWE television has made one thing clear: AJ Lee is completely crazy. Whether she's throwing violent tantrums, stalking men or making ex-friend's Kaitlyn's life a misery, it seems this girl is always acting out in some way or other.

    Oh, sure. She may have calmed down a little with current boyfriend Dolph Ziggler, but does anyone expect it to last? Man, Ziggler must be hoping the day never comes when he has to split up with her.

    AJ might be the only person around who thinks classic drama Fatal Attraction is a feel good, uplifting movie about how to go about getting your lover back when he leaves you.

    In fairness to the young Diva though, she's far from the only insane woman in WWE history. Indeed, compared to the antics of some of these women, she comes off as relatively sane.

    Now let's pay tribute to great, and crazy, woman who paved the way for AJ...

10. Kharma

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    OK, so Kharma's 2011 stint in WWE was rather short, and because of that we never got a true chance to see what the terrifying monster heel was capable of.

    But from what we did see? Yeah, this woman was insane. She randomly and violently attacked Alicia Fox, The Bella Twins, Eve and Michelle McCool within a month of debuting, sending fear and horror throughout the Divas Division.

    Man, this woman was frightening.

9. Dawn Marie

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    Safe to say, former ECW star Dawn Marie acted more than a little strangely during her 2002-05 WWE stint.

    Namely that time she seduced Torrie Wilson's aging dad, married him, inadvertently killed him on their wedding night, then fought with Torrie on various pay-per-views and episodes of SmackDown. Oh, and apparently her motivation for all of this was her secret, and reciprocated, crush on Torrie.

    So, yeah.

8. Mae Young

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    OK, so Hall of Famer Mae Young may not be a "Diva" in the classic sense, but the 90-year-old deserves a mention for all her crazy antics over the years. Dating Mark Henry. Hitting on Vince McMahon. Getting driven through a table by Bubba Ray Dudley. Swearing on Raw and being willing to get into scraps with women almost 70 years younger than her. 

    Is there anything this old lady won't do?

7. Ariel

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    Goth chick Ariel (aka Shelly Martinez) is certainly one of the, eh, more unusual Divas in WWE history. During her 2006 stint on SyFy's ECW show, alongside Kevin Thorn in the New Breed, she was a mystical fortune teller who believed she could tell the future. There were also some hints the pair believed themselves to be vampires.

6. Serena

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    As a member of short-lived faction Straight Edge Society, Serena Deeb was willing to do anything for her man, CM Punk. Including getting her head shaved by Punk in a very memorable SmackDown angle. It's a shame she didn't last longer in WWE (she was released only a few months after her debut), because who knows where her brainwashed crazy-girl character would have went?

5. Victoria

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    How could anyone possibly leave this lady off of the list?

    WWE Diva Victoria (current TNA Knockout Tara) was not only one of the best female wrestlers the company has ever had, she was one of its most memorable characters too.

    Violent, unstable and prone to intense jealously (especially towards frequent rival Trish Stratus), like her theme song memorably noted, she was "not the lady to mess with."

4. Stephanie McMahon

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    While Stephanie McMahon may have calmed down over the past few years, who can forget her reign of terror as the Queen of the McMahon-Helmsley regime in the early '00s?

    Screechy, bratty and totally power-mad, Stephanie was one of the craziest Divas around. Does anyone remember her furious reaction when her dad started dating Trish Stratus in 2001? (The vicious catfights those two had have become almost legendary).

    Occasionally, we will get a hint that she still has her explosive temper, like when she attacked Paul Heyman at Raw 1000.

3. Luna Vachon

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    Muscle-bound, tattooed and totally scary, Luna Vachon was easily one of the most eccentric and under-rated Divas of the '90s. Sure, most fans may remember the more photogenic and popular Sunny and Sable with much more fondness, but there were few better characters, or female wrestlers, than this lady.

2. Vickie Guerrero

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    Over the years we've had more than a few glimpses of her instability and all-around madness as she runs Raw and SmackDown as the main authority figure. 

    For one thing, she's completely unprofessional, carrying on affairs with Edge, The Big Show, Eric Escobar and Dolph Ziggler. And if you dare break up with her? Oh, God. Just ask Edge and Ziggler, both of whom have felt her wrath in the past.

    She's also prone to complete meltdowns, like when she got fired as SmackDown GM in early 2011.

    And how about her vendetta against John Cena? Why does she refuse to let that one go? She's also fired people for the most inane reasons ever: Poor Beth Phoenix got her marching orders after actually winning a match.  

    Who would possibly want to work for this insane woman?

1. Mickie James

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    Well, who else could it be? During her famous 2005 stalker storyline with Trish Stratus, this woman behaved in such an outrageous, obsessive manner she made AJ look positively stable and well-adjusted by comparison.

    Poor, poor Jack.

    Sadly, Mickie never managed to live up to her glorious debut storyline in her later WWE years, nor in TNA Wrestling, where she currently works. Guess she's just gotten too normal for everyone's liking.