WWE Needs a Tag Team to Step Up and Lead the Division as Champions

The Doctor Chris MuellerFeatured ColumnistApril 11, 2013


Kane and Daniel Bryan may be popular as the Tag Team champions, but the tag team division has not been the focus of their run for quite some time.

If you look at their pay-per-view history as champions, you will see what I mean by that:

  • Kane and Bryan won the titles from Kofi Kingston and R-Truth at Night of Champions.
  • The following month, they retained their titles after losing via disqualification to Team Rhodes Scholars.
  • In November, they joined Team Foley at Survivor Series, meaning they were not defending their titles on the card.
  • The TLC pay-per-view featured Kane and Bryan in a six-man TLC match alongside Ryback against The Shield, once again not defending their titles.
  • At The Royal Rumble, they won another match against Rhodes Scholars, and then both men fought in the Rumble match, having an entertaining exchange during their eliminations.
  • At Elimination Chamber, they were both involved in Chamber match, thus leaving us without a Tag title match that night.
  • WrestleMania featured a title defense against Dolph Ziggler and Big E. Langston, a team that was fighting more because AJ wanted them to than to win the titles.

Out of the the seven pay-per-view events they have participated in as a team, one of them was the initial title win, three of them featured the champions not defending their titles and three of them featured title defenses, two of which were against the same team.

They have not exactly been running the gauntlet in the tag team division lately and that should change now that WWE has a decent number of legitimate teams.

Bryan and Kane can only hold the titles for so long, and one of the teams WWE has in place needs to step up and be the ones to lead the division.

The Usos, Primo and Epico, The Prime Time Players and Rhodes Scholars are all viable candidates as challengers. Primo and Epico have even held the titles before.

And, in case you forgot, Hunico and Camacho still work for the WWE and could be brought in to spice up the division a little.

3MB might even make a good Freedbirds-rules set of champions if WWE was willing to do something like that.

The company has a real tag team division for once, but it has done little with it since the initial push to bring in new teams.

When Kane and Bryan eventually lose their titles, they need to go to a team that represents the actual tag team division and not to just two singles Superstars they threw together to give something to do.

At first Sandow and Rhodes were that kind of randomly paired team, but over time they have grown into one of the more entertaining and underused acts in WWE.

If WWE had to choose a team to put the titles on right now, PTP or Rhodes Scholars would be the most likely. Both teams have really improved in recent months and either pair could be believable champions.

Now that we are out of WrestleMania season, WWE can focus on everything it had to put on the back-burner recently, including the tag team division.

Extreme rules is over six weeks away, so WWE has plenty of time to build up a decent angle within the division. Hopefully the teams that do find themselves being featured on television make the most of their time on screen and force WWE to feature them more prominently.

Hopefully WWE chooses the right team to take the reigns from Kane and Bryan, and right now it's between Rhodes Scholars and Prime Time Players.

Which tag team do you feel is ready to lead the division and win the Tag Team Championships?


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