Mike Glennon: Video Highlights for Former North Carolina State QB

Ben Layman@@houtexmajorinCorrespondent IApril 26, 2013

Mike Glennon: Video Highlights for Former North Carolina State QB

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    After Russell Wilson transferred to Wisconsin, the keys to the North Carolina State Wolfpack's offense were handed over to Mike Glennon.

    The tall, lanky, big-armed QB went on to post back-to-back 31-touchdown seasons. The physical tools Glennon possesses are as elite as any signal-caller in the draft. There are plenty of reasons to like what Glennon brings to the table, and it doesn't take long after you see how he can spin the football.

    Here are video highlights of Glennon's career quarterbacking the Wolfpack offense. 

Game-Winning Touchdown Throw

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    Mike Glennon's signature win was this thriller over Florida State where he brought N.C. State back from a 16-0 deficit to win the game.

    This was the touchdown throw that capped a clutch game-winning drive against the third-ranked team in the country at the time. Glennon's receiver in motion waits for the other receivers to clear out, giving him a wide-open release into the end zone. Glennon allows the play to develop before dropping an easy touch pass for the game-winner.

    This was arguably the biggest moment of Glennon's Wolfpack career.

Showing off the Arm

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    Mike Glennon would have one of the strongest arms in most drafts, and that's easily the case in this year's.

    This play showcases Glennon's ability to flick the football 40 yards downfield with accuracy and ease. He does a good job of reading the poorly executed zone coverage and hits his wide-open receiver in the end zone for a touchdown.

    Vertical passing attacks in the NFL need big arms like this. Glennon showed he can take the top off of a defense with this throw.

Reading Man Coverage with No Safety Help

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    Glennon continues to display the ability to make NFL throws with this well-placed vertical pass.

    The key to the play was reading the defense as the play developed. The receiver was in man-to-man coverage with no safety help. Glennon read this and dropped the football in front of the receiver in stride for a big play downfield.

    Plays like this have to become automatic for NFL quarterbacks, and Glennon proved he could take advantage of the coverage.

Throwing on the Run

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    One of the major knocks on Glennon is his lack of mobility in the pocket. You won't confuse him for a track star, but he does have some mobility that went unnoticed at N.C. State

    On this play, Glennon is under center and is asked to roll out on play action and make a throw on the run. This is a daunting task considering the talented Florida State defensive linemen he's facing. Despite having Seminoles chasing him down, Glennon rolls out and delivers a strike downfield for the completion.

    Glennon may not be fleet of foot, but he shows he can handle assignments like this where a little mobility is required.

Flashing with Another NFL Throw

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    Routes like these are impossible to defend at the collegiate or NFL level, which is why this is one of the more impressive completions of Mike Glennon's career, despite it not even being a scoring play.

    This throw will excite the NFL more than any of his touchdown passes because it's a true testimony to his elite upside as a passer. There aren't more than 10 quarterbacks in the NFL right now who could make a completion like this with the arm strength and accuracy Glennon delivers it with.

    NFL offenses can make a living with plays like this. Glennon makes it look easy here.

Deep Strike off of Play Action

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    Play action is even deadlier with a big-armed quarterback, and Glennon shows why he can be a weapon in the NFL off of plays like this.

    The ball placement on this throw was near-perfect. Sideline throws like this are very difficult to defend; Miami had no chance. This was another example of Glennon making a big-time NFL-type throw that he could have tremendous success with at the next level.

Poise Under Pressure

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    This was one of the many clutch plays Glennon made on the way to leading the Wolfpack to their major upset of Florida State.

    Glennon's mobility in the pocket is questioned, but he shows some ability to elude the rush with this play. It was impressive because every first down was bigger than the next in this game, and a sack could've lost the game at any point.

    The rush is on him immediately and Glennon is moved off his spot. He has to re-adjust and throw from an awkward arm angle, but still manages to pick up the completion downfield.