Imagine a Wonderful World Where Sports Balls Are Replaced with Cats

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterApril 10, 2013

Photo Credit: Sports Balls Replaced with Cats
Photo Credit: Sports Balls Replaced with Cats

If the Internet had a mascot, it would be a cat. That's why the blog featuring sports balls as adorable felines makes complete sense. 

Just take a minute of your day to visit the Tumblr site Sports Balls Replaced with Cats and prepare to waste far more time than you thought you might with such absurdity.

I would really like to break this down a bit more for you, offering up analysis and insight that might improve your enjoyment of such images. That would prove superfluous, because you don't describe a Cézanne or explain the experience at a three-star restaurant. 

Just savor it. 

Just when you thought the sports world was perfect, kittens come along to ruin the very fabric of what you thought you knew. 

Much like in The Matrix, we have taken the red pill and can never go back. 

Now, because we are as topical as we are generous, we have to remind you that cats seem to be a hot-button item at the moment. 

The Lakers' Metta World Peace came back from knee surgery after just 12 days, via Yahoo! Sports. When asked how he was able to make such a remarkable recovery, World Peace just kept saying that he was too sexy for his cat. 

Now, these things are not necessarily related, but neither is that chocolate cake and coffee you ordered to wash down your lobster dinner. 

Consider Metta World Madness' claims of feline sexiness as the dessert to your kitty-cat main course. 

Now, before you ask what it is you just read, let me answer: the most important article on the Internet at the moment. 

That's what. 


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