Wrestling Spoiler Web Sites: A Fans Rant!

Steven DavisonCorrespondent IApril 21, 2009

Yet another week or so has past since writing an article and my frustrations grow on with the wrestling industry.

However, today it's the fan-run sites and in particular "dirt sheets" or "wrestling news sites" as they like to call themselves. Granted wrestling is not the only industry that has its spoilers, but why? Why would a fan of anything want to know what happens before it happens? I fail to see the logic.

A prime example of this is last year, about two months prior to the Royal Rumble pay-per-view. I was looking around random sites for news about WWE. I don't remember the exact reasoning but as I looked, I was taken to a page which basically told me that Ric Flair was going into a retirement angle without warning of spoilers.

This is the one of the most annoying things about wrestling fans or "smarks" as some would call like to label them.

Another case in hand of no warning about spoilers is the notorious www.pwheadlines.com, this is one of the worst for having spoilers spread around the internet like wild fire. Three weeks before the return (and an excellent return at that) of Christopher Daniels, I was watching video's about TNA lock downs of the past and in a comment was pwheadlines linked and in huge letters: "DANIELS RETURNS iMPACT BEFORE LOCK DOWN."

It's fair enough if fans want to spoil their own enjoyment and surprise of a show but why spoil it for everyone else?

Not only does it kill the enjoyment of a show by giving us the match results but it also kills the entire point of a storyline and then the same fans posting the spoilers complain about the "creative teams" not coming up with new and refreshing story lines. Why is this? Because those same fans choose to tarnish the new story lines that they try to bring in.

Why should wrestling companies try and bring in more refreshing talent and story lines to entertain the fans when a week or so before they get the chance to implement it, its splashed across every dirt sheet and forum on the internet?

So this is a plea from a fan to the fans:

Please! Keep the spoilers to the spoiler sites!!

- Steven D