Racism: The Dilema That Haunts Calcio

Samuel DieudonneCorrespondent IApril 21, 2009

MILAN, ITALY - MARCH 15:  Mario Balotelli receives instruction from Jose Mourinho of Inter during the Serie A match between Inter and Fiorentina at the Meazza Stadio on March 15, 2009 in Milan, Italy. (Photo by New Press/Getty Images)

Over the last few years, World Football has consistently been suffering from the phenomena known as Racism. 

Although most of the games greats have come from all sorts of different ethnicities and backgrounds; it would appear that fans of certain clubs all over the world have not yet learned to accept these players as equal human beings.

Yes, Patrick Viera, Ronaldo, Seedorf or if you want to go way back Eusebio were all hailed as heroes when they performed well for their European sides, but just reflect and try to imagined how much that would hurt if these players were ever to get jeered or Racistly taunted in their own country of birth because of their different skin pigments.

Overall, to me, Rascism is unacceptable, it is one essence of the beautiful game that tends to leave me disgusted when I see it.

FIFA And UEFA had for some time now launched Campaigns to combat Racism but what the Incident in Turin on Sunday proved is just how inaffective little pamphlets that display "Say no to Racism" go in having a real impact in deterring this grandiose negativity in today's world.

One area in the world where this poor characteristic is usually displayed sadly is the Italian peninsula. Although the league has exhibits some of the most enjoyable football it is one of the worst behaved countries when it comes to battling racism.     

The most recent display of its existence there was carried out against Future Potential Italian great Mario Ballotelli in his own Country of birth.

During Sunday's fantastic Derbia D'Italia, Mario Ballotelli Inter's standout performer was continuously harassed by the Juventus Ultras and fans present at the stadium with racist chants in his every touch during the game.

What makes this case extraordinary is the fact that Ballotelli an Italian by birth but son of Italian immigrants experienced this in his own country, & no one group of supporters tried to deter the racist chants while three-fourths of the stadium chanted makes this extremely embarrassing.

Although It can be argued that Mario isn't the most likable of footballers through his huge Ego and negative antics but no single Footballer or human being deserves to go through this.

The Juventus fans should be ashamed that they tried to hackle him by sinking so low into the terms of his ethnicity that simply has nothing to do with the lads footballing ability.

The Juventus Ultras have refused to apologize amazingly, instead they are 100 percent behind the Club whom have condemned the actions but hope to appeal in front of the Italian sporting Directors to overturn the hefty one home game ban placed upon their team before the season runs out.

This hasn't been the first display of Rascist behavior by the Juventus fans this year as they did the same to Didier Drogba in the group stage rounds of the Champions League when the British side traveled to Turin.

So Let me know your thoughts, should more laws be installed to protect Football from the disgusting Phenom that is Racism or is it in your opinion simply unavoidable?