The Good and Bad of Last Night's Monday Night RAW

Jack MortonCorrespondent IApril 21, 2009

The Good

Chris Jericho's last promo on Monday nights: I will miss Jericho's promos on Monday nights but am looking forward to seeing them on Friday nights. Ricky Stemaboat was OK on the mic and am looking forward to seeing him for the last time and expect him to go out on a high. John Cena's involvement set up the show for later on in the night.

Melina Vs Beth Phoenix: Good match between two of the best divas in WWE. Melina's flexibility is unbelievable and the move where her own foot is used to be kicked in the head is unbelievable. Predictable win and a nice send off for Melina.

Cena Vs Jericho: What a match. I would pay to see more of that but it's a shame we won't see it due to Jericho's last match on RAW. Some great near falls and it made Cena look strong without making Jericho look weak. Good momentum for both wrestlers going into Backlash.

Cena getting booed: I just enjoyed the look on Cena's face when he realized he was getting booed. Surprise they weren't edited out as the show was not live. I didn't understand the booing of Cena but when he hit the five knuckle shuffle they all joined in along in favor of Cena. That's us English for you.

Edge attacks Cena: Edge has looked weak against Cena in recent weeks and needed to give him some momentum to make us believe he has a chance of beating Cena. His work on the mic was gold and his conchairto was sickening. Fantastic work.

Big Show: I don't really enjoy his matches but i'm glad they are bringing more credibility to his size and cant just be easily put aside by smaller opponents. If they make him look strong then it may put over a smaller opponent when they finally do beat the 480 Pound monster.

Ted DiBiase: Am I sensing a possible turn by Ted on Orton in the future. It is the first time we have seen Priceless questioning anything to do with Orton. I may be reading to much in to it but it is possible.

Randy Orton Vs HHH: The match was so much better than the one at WrestleMania XXV. There were not many wrestling moves but more of a brawl and use of weaponry. Still, I enjoyed it and is what you expect from a no disqualification match.

Good to see the sledgehammer didn't come in to play for the first time since the feud even started. Good use of interferences and a surprise RKO for a win for Orton. Some may say this means HHH will now win at Backlash but we will see.



Batista squashes Chavo Guerrero: What has happened to Chavo Guerrero? Obviously, he was just put on RAW just to push Vickie in her wheelchair. I feel he is a waste of talent and deserves more than a 20-second match. His mic work was funny but shame about the match. I suppose it was all about making Batista looking strong, but the problem is, it is always Chavo.

CM Punk Vs Kane: A match that never really got started. The match was boring and wasn't given enough time to turn into anything. To make things worse the ending was botched terribly.

Santino Marella's hijinks: Was a funny segment but i don't get how Vickie is expecting Santino/Santina to even kiss the Great Khali. It is not something people want to pay for in all fairness.

The disqualification talk: Everyone keeps mentioning the fact that the babyfaces are going to get disqualified because they are not in control and is even Priceless' plan on winning the match.I think this is possibly what will end up happening on Sunday.

Intercontinental title: Once again the champion of this title is being squashed and is bringing no credibility to the biggest title on Smackdown at this current time.

Shane McMahon: How embarrassing is that to watch? New viewers of wrestling would be laughing their way to another channel after watching that. I just cant watch every time he does it and makes Legacy look pathetic.

I've got a feeling he might ruin the match at Backlash but hopefully he wont even be involved in the match too much.