Bjoern Werner: Video Highlights for Former Florida State DE

Jon Shumake@@JonShu89Contributor IIIApril 25, 2013

Bjoern Werner: Video Highlights for Former Florida State DE

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    Bjoern Werner is widely the top pure 4-3 defensive end in the 2013 NFL draft, and he is just beginning to develop as a player.

    Werner, a native of Berlin, Germany, didn't begin playing football until he was 15 as a foreign exchange student.

    After seeing limited playing time as a freshman, Werner had a strong sophomore season, which helped him earn "The Germanator" nickname. He followed that year up with a great junior campaign, and he was named the ACC Defensive Player of the Year for his efforts.

    Werner decided to forgo his senior season to enter the draft. His natural abilities coupled with his high ceiling will make him a surefire first-round pick.

    Here are five highlights from Werner's collegiate career that display why he is so highly regarded.

Interception vs. Boston College 2011

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    This play is a little different than the rest on this list as Werner shows off some versatility.

    He is lined up at left defensive end and gets a good jump off the snap. He uses his hands to disengage from two blockers.

    Werner feigns rushing the passer before dropping back into zone coverage in the middle of the field. He shows his natural awareness by reading the quarterback's eyes and jumping in the way of the throw for the interception.

    He shows he's capable of being more than just a pass-rusher on this play. Werner could develop into a player who wouldn't be a liability in coverage with the right coaching, and he displays that potential with this interception.

Tipped Pass That Leads to Interception vs. Duke 2011

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    Werner can affect a play even when he's unable to get to the quarterback with his J.J. Watt-like ability to bat down balls. He had 18 pass defenses in his three-year career at Florida State.

    He shows this off on a play early in the Seminoles' 2011 route of Duke.

    Werner uses his strength to drive the right tackle back to collapse the pocket and force the quarterback to move. He utilizes a spin move to free himself of the blocker and he has his eyes set on the quarterback.

    He realizes he won't get there and puts his hands up to deflect a pass attempt. Werner leaps as quarterback Sean Renfree releases the ball and bats it up into the air.

    This allows fellow defensive lineman Everett Dawkins to run under the ball for the interception to give Florida State control of the ball.

    Werner has outstanding awareness to be able to knock down passes like this, and he will only improve as he gains more experience.

Sack vs. Miami 2012

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    Werner's ability to sack the quarterback is what makes him such a great prospect.

    He is lined up at the left defensive end position on this play and works the right tackle to the inside off the snap.

    Werner then quickly changes directions to the outside and uses his hands to push the blocker away to get around the corner. He nulls any chance of a Miami rally as he quickly closes in and sacks the quarterback to seal the game for the Seminoles.

    He is fast off the snap and can get around the edge, which will make him a dangerous pass-rusher on the next level.

Tackle for Loss vs. Oklahoma 2011

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    Werner isn't considered great against the run, but he is improving that aspect of his game. He's showed flashes of being able to stop the run, and none were better than this play against Oklahoma.

    He was lined up against Lane Johnson, who is considered one of the top tackle prospects in this year's draft and a potential top-10 pick.

    Werner quickly gets off the line and overpowers Johnson and drives him back several yards. Werner notices it's a running play and is able to push the offensive lineman to the side to free himself of the blocker.

    He quickly closes the gap between himself and the running back, which leaves the ball-carrier with nowhere to go. He's able to pull the back down for a loss of about five yards on the play.

    Werner manhandled one of the top tackles in the draft and showed off his rush defense on this play, which shows he has talent that can be developed.

Sack vs. Florida 2012

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    Werner's best game as a Seminole may been his final home game against the rival Florida Gators. He finished the game with 3.5 sacks, and this is the one that got him going during the game.

    He's lined up at left defensive end going against the right tackle.

    He explodes off the snap and works to get the edge on the blocker. He uses his hands to keep the tackle at bay and his speed allows his to get around the corner and close in on the quarterback.

    Werner quickly tracks down the quarterback and drags him down before he has a chance to escape.

    This play exemplifies all the pass-rushing skills Werner has and displays why he's going to be a first-round pick. One team is going to get a very good 4-3 defensive end who has a ton of potential on April 25.