NFL 2008 Draft: Revamped

Josh ClarkCorrespondent IApril 3, 2008

You've all seen my first draft.  Now, I intend to improve it with a new REVAMPED draft!

My drafts cover the top six picks in this years upcoming draft covering the Miami Dolphins to the New York Jets at the sixth pick.  Please give me all you comments so I can make my draft better in the future!

 So, The Draft Beings:

No. 1 Miami Dolphins—Chris Long, DE Virgina

Obviously the best defensive player in this years draft should go to the Miami Dolphins.  The Dolphins were not strong on defense last year and Chris Long should help improve the Dolphins defense. 


No. 2 St. Louis Rams—Glenn Dorsey, DT LSU

Glenn Dorsey is an master at destroying the offenses game plan last year at LSU.  Glenn Dorsey could be a quick fix to the St. Louis Rams defense 


No. 3 Atlanta Falcons—Jake Long, OT Michigan

After aquiring Micheal Turner through free agency I'd look for the Atlanta Falcons to improve their offensive line by drafting Jake Long.  Jake Long could help open up the Running game for the Atlanta Falcons. 


No. 4 Oakland Raiders—Sedrick Ellis, DT USC

The Oakland Raiders were horrid against the run last year finishing in 30th only in front of the Miami Dolphins.  With that in mind it seems the Raiders would like to clog the middle with Sedrick Ellis to minimize the opponents running game.  The raiders with ninth in the league in pass defense.  If they fix there defense run stopping game look for a very good defense from the Raiders this year!


No. 5 Kansas City Chiefs—Matt Ryan, QB Boston College

With one of the strong running backs in the league, and no reliable QBs, look for the Kansas City Chiefs to take Matt Ryan, possibly the only franchise QB in the draft other than Brian Brohm


No. 6 New York Jets—Darren McFadden, RB Arkansas

Just like last time, The Jets seemed to revamped their OL for the possible taking of Darren McFadden.  If he's not there you still have Thomas Jones and can take Vernon Gholston.


Please post all your feedback.  Every week or so I like to update my drafts with the notes posted by the users.