If Anquan Boldin Left, Could Steve Breaston Pick Up the Slack?

Shane HouseAnalyst IJanuary 15, 2017

All the talk in the NFL this week is stating that Anquan Boldin is going to be traded. Whether it be before the draft or after doesn't make a difference. What matters is, one of the best possession receivers in the league is going to be leaving and will need to be replaced.

During last year's horrendous injury, Boldin was only out for two games and a bye week, which absolutely astonished me. But, I digress. People said the Cardinals were screwed until Boldin came back.

Then came the likes of Steve Breaston.

In the two games that Arizona played after Boldin left, they beat two then-undefeated teams in the Buffalo Bills and Dallas Cowboys. They were amazing in both of them, and both got people talking.

The stats people seem to miss in those games are Steve Breaston's.

In those two games, he got a combined 15 receptions for 179 yards and one touchdown while averaging 11.9 yards a carry.

That is by no means something to shake a stick at.

Those are impressive numbers.

Plus, not to forget, playing as a third receiver, Breaston got a total of 1,006 yards in 77 receptions.

He played very well throughout the whole season and showed he has the talents to start in this league.

So, to be honest, I actually believe that if or when Boldin gets traded, the Arizona Cardinals won't suffer as badly as most people think. They have good players to pick up the slack for them.


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