Tim Tebow Worshippers Perhaps the NFL Quarterback's Worst Enemies

Merlisa Lawrence CorbettFeatured ColumnistApril 9, 2013

Tim Tebow takes questions from members of the media.
Tim Tebow takes questions from members of the media.The Star-Ledger-USA TODAY Sports

Those who worship at the temple of Tim Tebow are perhaps the primary reason the New York Jets quarterback has turned toxic to NFL franchises.

There are rumors that the Jets will release Tebow following the 2013 NFL Draft (via Rich Cimini of ESPNNewYork)

No NFL team appears ready to disrupt its locker room to give Tebow a chance. 

Blame Tebow? No. It was his disciples, crusaders who hold him up as some icon of Christianity. They fuel the media frenzy that has become the Tebow circus. 

It's about more than religion. He's not the first Christian to play football. Other players thank their “Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.” Happens all the time.

It's not all Tebow fans. It's that weird wing of followers who believe something spiritual or magical is riding on whether or not Tebow starts.

Too bad Tebow got caught up in other people's agendas. 

Because what's not to like about a guy who wins, works hard and stays out of trouble? The dude has been a model citizen. Even after the Jets relegated him to special teams, Tebow never caused a scene. 

Tebow's performance with the Denver Broncos proved he can play in the NFL.  His 2011 regular season passer rating (72.9) is not much worse than Andrew Luck's 2012 rating (76.5).  

Of course Luck is a better passer than Tebow. However Tebow's 2011 postseason passer rating is 90, far better than Luck's 59.8.  

Yet he is a polarizing figure. Mainly because his worshippers have elevated their support to idolatry.  

By inferring that divine intervention produced by Tebow's victories, his followers brought more scrutiny to his defeats. They condemn doubters as haters, escalating fanaticism to evangelism. 

This distraction interferes with Tebow's chances of even being a backup in the NFL.  

What a pity. The Tebow bandwagon picked up so many radicals along the way that not even his good character can offset the caricature he’s become.

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