IPL Spice: Is a Mysterious KKR Player Blogging His Team's Secrets?

bidwan baruahContributor IApril 21, 2009

Here comes another IPL  "Slice of Spice."

Well before KKR bowled the first ball of their second match, news of their newest possible controversy was spreading like wild fire. A blogger who claims himself to be a KKR player is spilling the beans out on all the internal news about KKR, including the details that are discussed in the team meetings.

Although this guy is blogging from the first day of IPL, he hits the headlines right now as the number of followers of his blogs are increasing hour by hour, day by day.

The infamous blog can be seen here: http://fakeiplplayer.blogspot.com/

Don't get carried out by its title; if you carefully go through all his blogs, you can find out that he posses quite some knowledge of how a team works and thus you can not rule out its genuineness in a flash.

This self-acclaimed KKR player says this has come to the notice of the Team Management and they are going all out to catch him ASAP.

He uses nicknames to refer to his teammates and the management but you can figure them out very easily.

Out of the two of his prominent predictions, one has come out to be true, the other has fallen flat. He had predicted that Chris Gayle and Brendon McCullum would open and Sourov Ganguly will follow, well before the first match; but you don't need to be a Nostradamus to predict that.

The other was regarding today's match in which he said McCullum won't keep and either Ajantha Mendis or Mashrafe Mortaza would get a look in; however, this turned out to be false.

Going by all the countless events this guy has blogged about, if there is even an iota of truth on any of these, members of the KKR contingent would definitely feel insecure. If that's the case, KKR's Management Team has a new job in hand.

They need to order a trace of the IP Address this blogger had used. Who knows? This might have taken place by now.

Poor SRK. He just had a breather after today's win and now there is some more fire-fighting to be done.

If Ganguly is controversy's favourite son, now KKR might be its favorite family.