Lingerie League Football Player Lays a Big Hit, Truck-Sticks 2 Defenders

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Remember Powder Puff football in high school? The Lingerie Football League is a lot like that, but terrifying.

The LFL has been trying to carve out a more serious name for itself. It started by changing the league’s uniforms (kind of) and re-branding itself as the “Legends Football League." 

But it can be argued that all of the aforementioned changes did less to make the LFL a serious football league than this truck-stick of a hit by a Jacksonville Breeze player during a game Monday night against the Atlanta Steam.

After receiving a handoff, Jacksonville’s Angie “The Giant” Williams lowered her shoulders and headed for the end zone, where two Atlanta defenders made the unfortunate decision to attempt to stop her.

The result? Scorched earth, salt-field carnage.

Instead of receiving the hit, Williams does what any good professional back has been coached to do and attacks the hesitant defenders—bringing the fight to them. Williams lowers her shoulder pads and delivers the goods, converting Atlanta’s No. 6 into a believer with a jarring blow that sent her to the ground. 

As an individual who doesn’t watch a lot of the Legends League, I can say this is the down-home nastiest hit I’ve seen in a while, reminiscent of Terry Tate’s early work in the office.

The last hit that I remember seeing of this magnitude happened in the fall of 2012 and involved a similar monster-shot being delivered close to the end zone. 

Behold, Nikki Johnson of the Regina Rage, delivering all the pain a woman with two K’s in her first name can deliver into the head of Toronto’s Devine Burton.

Somewhere, a group of elementary school students is pledging allegiance to the American flag, completely unaware that women in skimpy uniforms and negligible padding are laying down whale-ish gridiron hits such as these.

It’s not Reg-E-na, it’s Reg-I-na: Dr__Carson

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