Dolph Ziggler Shows the World and Becomes World Champion

Tom ClarkFeatured ColumnistApril 8, 2013

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Dolph Ziggler is the new World Heavyweight Champion.  That’s right, folks, it finally happened.

After a career that’s been full of ups and downs, of unlimited potential and bitter disappointments, Dolph Ziggler has been the given the opportunity of a lifetime, as he has now been given the gold in WWE.

Perhaps I should say he has earned it.

Dolph is one of those talents that fans just can’t get enough of.  He is a workhorse, a guy whose silly name and cocky persona are just window dressing, insignificant next to his top-notch work ethic.  He has been one of Vince McMahon’s go-to guys for quite a while now, a fact that has not been lost on fans.

Need a good worker for an important match on TV?  Dolph is your man.  Have a high-profile pay-per-view spot that needs a quality talent to rise to the occasion?  Dolph is ready.

Need someone to do the job, even under circumstances where he probably shouldn’t?  Well, that would be Dolph as well.

Honestly, folks, how many times have we seen this with Ziggler?  He seems poised to hit the big time, just on the verge of getting to that all-important main event level, only to have the rug pulled out from underneath him.  It has been a frustrating situation for every fan who has ever wanted Dolph to take that next step, and I have to say there were times when it looked as though he may never take it.

But now he finally has.  He has reached that next level, and if the incredible reaction from the crowd on Monday Night Raw was any indication, the fans are fully behind it.

Only now, it’s up to WWE to make it count.

We know that Dolph can do this.  We know what he’s capable of in the ring.  I believe he can carry the championship and make it count, bring it the proper respect it deserves and look very good in the process.

His dedication to his craft and his willingness to work hard to make his match the best of the night are exactly the prerequisites necessary to make a believable and relevant World Champion.  There is no doubt, Ziggler has all of the tools needed to make it work.

But will Vince McMahon’s company back him?  Will WWE creative do everything they can to give him the right moments and the right matches so he can flex his muscles and “show off” as only he can, as he has earned the right to do?

Will the booking be right for him?

I know, it’s perhaps being too negative to question WWE already in regards to Dolph’s World Title win. After all, the belt is still cold on his waist and we just got started here.  But, if the past has any bearing on the future, then I feel there is good reason to be very cautious when predicting the success of Ziggler’s title run before it even begins.

But for now, he should be happy.  He should take the moment and just enjoy it.  Because now that he has the gold, his fate is not only in the hands of WWE, but it’s also in the hands of the fans.

And yeah, a lot of them are celebrating right now as well.