In The Cross-Hair: A Feud Flatlines, Doses Of Nonsense, Steamboat & More

Sulayman H.Senior Writer IApril 21, 2009

Welcome to another installment of In the Cross-hair.

This week's show was going to make or break the match card at Backlash, did they strengthen their chances of putting on a spectacle or did Raw fall flat on its face?


Jericho/Steamboat In-ring segment

The show opened with Jericho bidding the fans farewell, and goes on with his usual rant/hypocrite bashing that he has become famous for doing.

He explains that without him, Raw will fail and things will become worse.

Steamboat comes out and says that Jericho is out here for some appreciation and he's going to give him a healthy dose of it.

He tells the audience that Jericho rekindled his passion to wrestle once again and thanks him for that.

Jericho tells Ricky that he's going to put him out of his misery and proposes a 1-on-1 confrontation at Backlash.

Cena interupts the two but before he can say anything, Jericho says he doesn't care about what Cena has to say and Steamboat accepts the challenge.

Cena says Ricky can handle himself, and that Ickie Guerrero is not here tonight.
Cena has to compete, so he's gonna face Y2J tonight.

I would've really liked for Raw to start off with a match but this segment was enjoyable nonetheless. The only thing that bothers me about it is that Cena's interference during the segment was not needed at all.


Batista vs. Chavo Guerrerro

Chavo comes out and gets some mic time. He talks about the draft and that he's here to impress his aunt Vickie.

Batista comes out and the match lasts for less than 15 seconds.

If Chavo's wrestling credibility wasn't crushed before it damn sure is now.
He says he wasn't ready and that prompts another Batista bomb.

Why bring back Batista before Backlash if you're not going to have him compete in an actual match-up?

This display of power does nothing for either The Animal or the tool of the RAW GM. This was a waste of time.


Shane/Batista backstage

Shane wants to talk about last week but Batista tells him it's all good and that they will get Orton.


Kane vs. CM Punk

Okay, why are all the SD stars on Raw?

Punk sneaks a quick victory with a unique counter of his own; short match-up which was not high on technicality or high-flying moves.


Santino/Santina/Beth Segment

Santino is going to join us once again, with another installment of the whole Santina/Khali segment.

He tries to suspend the belief that he and Santina are the same person.

Santina joins us via the Titan Tron, and tells us she has a blister on her lip and that she's in Italy.

It's too bad considering she was looking forward to the Kiss Cam with Khali.
Santino begins to read a poem to himself/herself, but is interrupted by Beth Phoenix.

Confrontation time/Intervention time...I guess.

We find out we have to suffer through another Khali/Santina episode at Backlash and Santina's taped video backfires on him/her.

Once again, precious time that could have otherwise been used for anything other than this entire mess of a storyline, the segment was filled with a few chuckles but overall it was just plain BORING.


Melina vs. Beth Phoenix

All these frigging SD stars!
Highlights -  Beth tries to snap Melina in half and "the quit hitting yourself" spot by Beth.

Melina gets the win and retains the championship when Melina caught Beth with an amazing counter.

Melina gives Raw one last goodbye and we shift to Triple H and Shane.

Shane wishes him good luck, and tells him to keep his temper in check and reminding him not to screw up.


Chris Jericho vs. John Cena

The crowd chants Y2J throughout the match and that's nice for a change- I guess John Cena can make anyone get cheered more in comparison to himself.

Sidenote—Michael Cole is bland and boring, and Lawler is just as boring if not more.

I guess London hates Cena's guts so much that we have so much back and forth action and the two superstars milking reactions from the crowd.

Highlight - All the cheering for Jericho.

Good switches in momentum and a well done match.

Edge interrupts the match to give Cena a beat down and delivers a concerto to Cena.
He adds a nice touch by counting to 10 and proclaiming himself the new champion.

The fact is Cena is as good as his opponent makes him appear to be, the match itself was pretty good considering we've seen the two fight it out many times before.

Edge's recent psychotic turn is interesting, his obsession with the championship increases tenfold every week, let's see what Backlash has in store for us.


Big Show vs. Rey Mysterio

Why is this match after Cena/Y2J?

Why are cruserweights usually in matches with giants?

Last week with Jeff and the week before with Kofi and now Mysterio.

Who booked this crap?


Yes he's the ultimate underdog, we get it.

They are seriously wasting Mysterio's talents on dead weight like the Big Show.

Another squash that sees Big Show take the win once again leaving Rey knocked out in the ring.

This match was as bad as or maybe even worse than the whole Santina segment.

Highlight - Big Show leaving the ring, signalling the end of the match.


Rhodes/DiBiase converse in the locker room

Cody says the Trio (Shane, Batista, HHH) are ticking time bombs, Ted tries to mention something but is interrupted by Orton who tells them that their teamwork has nothing to do with any of this and that he is the very best and guarantees he will beat HHH.

I wonder if any of this conflict will influence the result at Backlash.

Hey, where the hell are all the Raw stars?


HHH vs. Randy Orton

The crowd was as live as it was for the Wrestlemania match, a few RKO chants rang through the crowd.

The no-DQ was supposed to work in their favor to make the match appear fresh.

Triple H dominated most of the match although Orton was able to swing the momentum in his favor for a few moments.

I was hoping we'd get an actual rematch but instead we get another unwanted dose of classic brutal beat down.

Batista spears Shane which further creates tension between teammates and this allows Orton to steal a victory by planting Hunter to the mat with the RKO.


Closing Thoughts

Although it will be a sight to behold when Jericho and Steamboat lock horns at Backlash, this match will probably the last confrontation of Jericho with any HOF legend since he's headed to Smackdown.

Santino has become the resident nuisance, this entire drag queen thing that he's got going on is really stupid and how exactly is it PG?

As much as I would like to see the World Heavyweight Championship retained for once, it's already been labelled as a bonafide hot potato.

The 6-man fiasco at Backlash will most likely disappoint, if a one-on-one match didn't entertain the fans and you're putting in four more people into the mix, expect twice the disappointment.

The simple fact is that one of the hottest feuds of the year has flat lined.

And there's no way to bring back the dead.


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