Watch Danilo Gallinari Half-Jokingly Blame ACL Injury on Long NBA Season

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Danilo Gallinari sat down with Denver's CBS affiliate to discuss his recent season-ending knee injury that he suffered against the Dallas Mavericks on April 4.

While fielding questions about the injury, Gallinari went through it step by step and did his best to explain how and why everything happened. 

Vic Lombardi compared Gallinari's injury to Derrick Rose's torn ACL from last year's playoffs when there was no contact with other players, just an awkward angle with the floor and a sudden collapse. Lombardi asked, "How could that just happen?"

Jokingly, Gallinari responded.

I don't know, too many games in the NBA. No, I don't know.

Sometimes that, but it could be a lot of reasons, but in this case you don't want to think about all those reasons, you just want to get the surgery done and get back on track and playing basketball.

Of course, to think that this injury came about because of the length of the season is impossible to prove.

Like Rose, Gallinari's injury seemed more coincidental than anything else; Rose's injury happened in just his 40th game of the season.

Even still, ever since last year's lockout gave us a sprint of a 66-game season, the question has arisen repeatedly: Is an 82-game season too long?

It would be extremely difficult for anybody to convince the league to shorten the season, as fewer games would mean the league would have to look elsewhere to generate additional revenue. 

Not only that, it would likely mean the players take less money, which as we saw from last year's collective bargaining negotiations, is a difficult pill for them to swallow.

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