San Francisco Giants: Giant Disappointment Seen from Miles Ahead

BaySportsInsider.comCorrespondent IApril 2, 2008

D Roberts LF - A decent 4th outfielder but makes $5mil a year and has less potential than Fred Lewis or Rajai Davis.
R Aurilia 1B - Not a major league calliber hitter
R Winn RF - Wouldn't mind having Winn as a 7th hitter in the line up but he is simply the worst 3 hitter in MLB
B Molina C - See Randy Winn
R Durham 2B - A .218 batting average in 2007, a $7mil salary in 2008, and 0% chance that he'll be on the team in 2009. Why is he starting of Velez?
A Rowand CF - Best hitter on the team is hitting in the 6th spot. Who's idea is that?
J Castillo 3B - Goes from Marlin's trash to Giant's starter in two weeks. Huh? 1 hit and 6 runners left on base in the first 2 games. I doubt we have anyone in the minor leagues who could do that.
B Bocock SS - Only young kid in the line up. And only reason why he was given a shot was due to Omar's injury.