San Francisco Giants: Giant Disappointment Seen from Miles Ahead

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San Francisco Giants: Giant Disappointment Seen from Miles Ahead
Can any rational Giants fan say that they expected to see more out of this line up? Sorry Sabean, but I wasn't buying it from the start.

This is one of the worse offensive lineups in the history of baseball. We have played 18 innings of baseball and have 0 extra base hits.

D Roberts LF - A decent 4th outfielder but makes $5mil a year and has less potential than Fred Lewis or Rajai Davis.
R Aurilia 1B - Not a major league calliber hitter
R Winn RF - Wouldn't mind having Winn as a 7th hitter in the line up but he is simply the worst 3 hitter in MLB
B Molina C - See Randy Winn
R Durham 2B - A .218 batting average in 2007, a $7mil salary in 2008, and 0% chance that he'll be on the team in 2009. Why is he starting of Velez?
A Rowand CF - Best hitter on the team is hitting in the 6th spot. Who's idea is that?
J Castillo 3B - Goes from Marlin's trash to Giant's starter in two weeks. Huh? 1 hit and 6 runners left on base in the first 2 games. I doubt we have anyone in the minor leagues who could do that.
B Bocock SS - Only young kid in the line up. And only reason why he was given a shot was due to Omar's injury.

After the terrible offensive performance in the 1st game Bruce Bochy indicated that we should all get comfortable watching the same group of tired veterans on the field with this quote here... "If I change the lineup now, it may send a sense of panic with them, we want a little continuity. [Monday's] lineup was the first time we had that lineup. To start changing quite a bit now would be a little early, I think."

I thought "small ball" was about manufacturing runs, doing the little things required to win a game, like moving the running over going from 1st to 3rd on a base hit, scoring the runner from 3rd with less than 2 outs? After two games I have come to the realization that "small ball" as it relates to the Giant's is just a term their marketing team came up with to mask the fact that the starting lineup is filled with a bunch of people who can't hit.

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