CM Punk Hurts Knee in Match with Undertaker at WrestleMania

Daniel Van BoomAnalyst IIApril 8, 2013


At WrestleMania XXIX CM Punk took up the task of breaking The Undertaker's legendary 20-0 streak.

In the world of the WWE this is about the most dangerous challenge one can take up, but according to PWInsider (via CM Punk suffered real consequences:

"CM Punk banged up his knee in the spot where he jumped off the top rope with a flying elbow onto The Undertaker and the announcers table. People backstage were amazed that Punk didn't slow down and finished the match because he was in a lot of pain."

The Spanish announce table gets a rough time in the WWE, but on April 7 it stood its ground.

While Undertaker was sprawled on top of said announce table, CM Punk launched himself off the top rope to hit a savage flying elbow.

The announce table, which has been known to fall apart when people simply stand on it, didn't buckle, resulting in a very stiff looking bump for both performers.

This latest ailment comes at a fortunate time for Punk (well, as fortunate as any painful fall can be), as he's reportedly taking time off following his match at WrestleMania (PWinsider, via

Somewhat ironically, this is the second time The Second City Saint has suffered through injury during WrestleMania season; he first suffered an arm injury in a match with Undertaker's onscreen half-brother, Kane

Punk should be commended for fighting through the pain, but his toughness will surely pay off for him.

His match with Undertaker was considered by many to be the best of the night, immortalizing Punk as a WrestleMania show stealer. 

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