WWE News: CM Punk Injured at WrestleMania

Gone Baby GoneContributerApril 8, 2013

Spot that injured Punk Courtesy WWE.com
Spot that injured Punk Courtesy WWE.com

This could be a big blow for the WWE, as it appears CM Punk injured his knee during his WrestleMania match with the Undertaker.

According to PWINsider.com:

CM Punk's leg was badly banged up from the spot where he leapt off the top rope with the flying elbow on Undertaker, who was on a table outside the ring, only for the table to not budge, much less not break. There were a lot of people backstage after the show who were amazed he didn't slow down and finished the match as he was in a lot of pain when he returned.

Ultimately, Punk has proven himself as a commodity for the company, so hopefully he will be given the time he needs to heel this injury. It should be noted that a report surfaced a few weeks ago stating that Punk would be taking some time off after this event. So it's very likely that we will not see him after this week.

Luckily, this time off was preplanned and will allow the company to figure out what to do with Punk upon his return. Not to mention, it will also give some other stars a chance to get their names out there.

Let's just hope that the company doesn't mess up his return and manages to keep him in the main event scene. The fact is, Punk has had to bust his butt to get to where he is now, and it would be a shame to see him pushed aside due to taking time off to heal some nagging injuries.

Keep in mind Punk is Punk, so there is a strong chance he may work through this in order to keep himself relevant. Let's face it, we have witnessed way too many stars fall from grace after taking time off, and I am certain he doesn't want to be another casualty.

That being said, we will have to wait and see what happens in the next few weeks, as we all know the wrestling biz can be very unpredictable.