Reggie Evans Pulls out His Own Tooth During Game, Doesn't Miss One Play

Dan CarsonTrending Lead WriterApril 8, 2013

Sometimes you just have to grip it and rip it.

That is exactly what the Brooklyn NetsReggie Evans did after receiving a tooth-jarring headbutt during Sunday night’s game against the Charlotte Bobcats.

Evans was bodying up under the basket and positioning himself for a rebound when Michael Kidd-Gilchrist’s forehead smacked into his mouth.

The impact didn’t appear serious, but Evans was slow to move back on defense and walked to the sideline after allowing Kidd-Gilchrist an easy bucket.

The commentators began wondering aloud about what was wrong with Evans, who was touching his mouth.

Is it his teeth? Did he lose one? Right as they begin conjecturing about Evans’ oral dilemma—pop—the big man pulled a tooth out right in front of them and laid it down on scorer’s table.

Officials called a timeout, allowing Evans a couple of minutes to get checked out by a trainer and suck on a towel to stop the bleeding. Miraculously, the Nets forward ended up hopping back into the game like nothing had happened.

Just like that, every flop Evans ever perpetrated in the NBA went poof, vanishing into thin air along with the fines the NBA has collected from him for his theatrics. 

This is a genuine hockey maneuver and one that usually warrants a trip to the locker room for most basketball players. After getting a tooth knocked out by an elbow in a 2011 game against Pepperdine, UCLA’s Travis Wear headed for the tunnel like he was marching off with a broken arm.  

That’s not discrediting Wear, by the way. Losing a tooth and playing on without real medical attention barely happens in any sport. That’s a statement on the toughness Evans showed in a situation where most men would whimper and run for the Novocain.

Only the manliest men grip it and rip it: Dr__Carson