WWE WrestleMania 29: John Cena as WWE Champion Is Fresh After 18 Months off

Daniel Van BoomAnalyst IINovember 10, 2016

At WrestleMania 29 John Cena became an 11-time WWE champion. That sentence may make some of your souls cringe, but it's the right move for the WWE.

It’s right for two main reasons; because it brings stable credibility to the WWE title and because Cena is a fresh face for the world championship scene.

CM Punk deserves to be remembered as one of the greatest WWE champions of all time. He was remarkably consistent, both in and out of the ring, and he accomplished so much during his legendary 434-day reign.

However, that doesn't change the fact that the WWE title bout was the second most important match on the show for 434 days. During Punk's entire reign, it was John Cena who closed the pay-per-views and who was marketed as the top star.

He even won superstar of the year in 2012, despite the fact that Punk held the title for the entire calendar year. 

Then The Rock became WWE champion, and with an electrifying new holder, main-event status returned to the title. Despite The Rock closing Raw's and pay-per-views as champ, he was a special attraction and not a full-time superstar.

His reign felt like a gimmick. The belt was put on him, but we all knew he wouldn't keep it for long; he's got movies to film after all. His reign was more about publicity and buzz for WrestleMania than it was about putting the top title on the top guy.

Not only that, but The Rock's schedule was inconsistent. There were two weeks where he wasn't on WWE television at all–unacceptable for the WWE champion. 

John Cena as the WWE champion feels right. He's the guy that the company will promote as No.1, so he's the guy that should hold the gold. There's no point in having someone else hold it if Cena is still the main event.

Of course, it would make more sense for WWE to simply have some faith in someone other than Cena, but since they apparently refuse to do so this is the smartest way to go about it.

Not only is it the right decision from a corporate point of view, but Cena is a fresh face in the WWE title scene.

Back in 2011 Cena desperately needed time off from the world championship picture. He had dominated it for such a long time (hence his twelve world championship reigns) and it was getting incredibly hard to bear for anyone who isn’t part of the Cenation.

Thankfully that's exactly what happened. John last held the WWE championship back in October of 2011–over 18 months ago.

Now Cena has reclaimed the official position of top dog, and there are plenty of compelling stories to be told about others trying to dethrone him. 

There are some pitfalls that WWE needs to avoid, however. It is of quintessential importance that WWE books Cena's title reign properly.

For instance, as a now 13-time world champion he can't be trading the title back and forth with anyone. 13 reigns is already a ridiculous amount.

However, if WWE actually thinks about its creative decisions regarding Cena, his WWE championship reign could be much better than many expect. 

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